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Tag: Excel 2016

Excel 2016: Using Worksheets and Workbooks

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Learn how to work with worksheets by reading this article. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!…

Excel 2016: How to Split Cells in Excel for a Better View

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What are the different ways of viewing Excel 2016’s worksheets?

Read this article and learn how to manipulate these views. Enjoy reading!…

MS Excel 2016: Basic Excel Functions

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Basic Excel Functions - learn more about this amazing features!

Are you familiar with Excel’s basic functions? These are specially programmed formulas for complicated calculations which we commonly use….

MS Excel 2016: Get Faster Using the Flash Fill Feature

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Wondering how to combine two cells in Excel? Then learn more about “Flash Fill”….

Excel 2016: 3 Simple Steps to Hide and Unhide Portions

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Hiding and Unhiding Portions in Excel.

In dealing with Excel, most especially with formulas, there are necessary portions that we need to include but not that so important to be shown. There are also portions that we do not want someone to mess with or change, for if it is changed, the entire worksheet or workbook will be negatively affected. Messing with those portions will not make your file work out the way you planned and designed it to be. With these instances, the “hide and…

Excel 2016: How to Format Cells and Worksheets

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Format Cells and Worksheets.

Make your work easier and pick up some formatting skills!…

Excel 2016: Essential Facts About Worksheets and Workbooks and How to Utilize Them

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This user guide will take you through all the things you need to know when using Excel at a simple level.

The difference between Excel’s worksheets and workbooks Excel is now even more powerful with its new version – Excel 2016. The enhanced version allows users to analyze and organize data more efficiently using added tools and functions. Although sometimes, it seems hard to navigate Excel, knowing the basic concepts can be a starting point to learn more. For instance, Excel’s basic terms, such as worksheet and workbook, can be confusing at first but knowing their difference is of great help…

Excel 2016: Customize The ‘Quick Access Toolbar’

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Customizing your Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2016.

A very useful tool……