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Find out what you really want to do with your life!

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It’s not easy to know what job or profession would make us happy. Some of us want to earn the big bucks, others want a creative job, some need to satisfy their curiosity with an investigative or research job and some of us prefer to work with our hands instead of sitting in an office.

“We spend a large part of our lives working, so the more enjoyable your work is, the more you will enjoy life!” says Fiona Setch. Her ebook “The art of interview skills” contains practical tips to prepare for that all important interview that will get you the job that you want. Whether you are a new graduate entering the workplace for the first time, an experienced worker facing redundancy as part of an organisational restructure or thinking of applying for a promotion in your current job; this book will inform and inspire you to your future success.

Finding out what to do with your life is process and doesn’t just mean applying for jobs that look interesting. Also, how can you start applying if you don’t really know what would be a suitable and also enjoyable job for you?

Fiona recommends this exercise to help focus on what you would like to do with your life:

1. Take a piece of A4 paper and number it down the left hand side. Number 0–100, in tens;imagine that this is decades of your life.

2. Mark where your current age is and tear off this section up to your age as this is the time that has already passed in your life.

3. Mark off the age when you think you would like to retire.

4. What have you got left?

Now look at the remaining paper that you have…

1. What would you like to do with rest of your working life?

2. Why are you not doing it?

3. Where does the job that you are applying for fit into this?

What was your outcome? Did you figure out what your true profession could be? There is only one way to find out if the job you want would really make you happy and that is giving it a try. Your may think you don’t have the right qualifications or maybe you doubt your ability to do the job but it’s better to try then not to have tried it at all. Convinced?

Now the only thing that is standing between you and that new job is a that job interview. You have spend ages updating and rewriting your CV. You send it out to all potential employers and now some of them have invited you for a job interview. Don’t be nervous, you have come so far, now you only need to convince your potential employer that you are the right one for the job.

So, let’s get started preparing!

4 steps to prepare for the interview

The key to success when preparing for an interview are confidence, preparation, getting into the right state of mind and focus. If you follow the following easy rules, nothing can go wrong!

1. Confidence: Believe in yourself! Approach what you are doing with faith in yourself and your abilities

2. Preparation: Empty your mind from doubts and negative thoughts and believe in yourself. You can do it!

3. Creating the right state of mind: Choose the right language, mind your body language, choose a professional outfit

4. Focus on the task: Brush up your knowledge of the role and organisation, memorise a list with your skills & experience

Find out more tips on how to prepare for an interview to get the job in Fiona Setch’s ebook “The art of interview skills” and download it from

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