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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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The future of work: The biggest L&D challenges according to learning professionals

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learning and development challenges

With all of the uncertainty surrounding what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, one thing is clear: businesses must take the right steps to future-proof both their employees and their companies. …

Communication skills: Using the 3 C’s of communication

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communication skills

When it comes to communication in any medium, there are three simple rules that should apply wherever possible: 1. Keep it clear. 2. Keep it concise. 3. Keep it credible. Let’s look at the three most common communication mediums and how to best use the three C’s….

Networking tips: 5 ways to build your network

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networking tips

One of the best ways to get a job is networking. Learn 5 secrets to expanding your network: associations, alumni, conferences, writing, and volunteering….

How to answer 5 difficult interview questions

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interview questions

Check out the best answers to some of the most difficult interview questions. …

What is emotional resilience and how does it work?

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emotional resilience

When we look at the behaviour patterns, attitudes, and techniques that many people use successfully to cope with life’s stresses, five key themes emerge. Let’s check them out. …

Presentation skills: Want your audience warm to you?

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presentation skills

Get every audience to warm to you with our presentation expert’s tips and tricks. …

Being assertive: 3 steps to assertiveness

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Check out the top 3 steps to becoming more assertive….

8 ways to ensure your learning offering meets the newest learning trends

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learning and development trends

Follow these 8 trends to ensure your learning solution is up to date with the needs of the modern learner. …