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How to make your employees want to reach for the stars: Part II

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A great coach is someone who makes the poor performance of an employee his or her own responsibility. He recognizes that poor performers are good performers who have not yet been tapped for their potential. The first step, however, is to be able to identify the reasons for poor performance….

How to make your employees want to reach for the stars: Part I

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The only way to get someone performing at peak levels is to find and understand their reasons.There are a number of common reasons for poor performance in an employee. On our blog you can test your ability to identify the reasons for poor performance and then tap into the potential of a person….

Pratical PR, Inbound Marketing and Supportive Leadership

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Interested in what makes a successful inbound marketing campaign? Or, would you like to refresh your PR knowledge and read about which problems that appear in our society result from a decrepit leadership culture? On our blog we have got the right books with the right answers for you….

Getting dressed for an interview: Basic tips

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In a simple choice between job applicants who are similar in other respects, appearance and dress can tip the decision in your favor. Take a look at our tips on how to dress for an interview, because, as we all know, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression….

The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment

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Three new eBooks have just arrived online. Of course, we don’t want to keep them to ourselves, but prefer to share them with you guys.Seize the opportunity to improve your knowledge of Quality Management, HR and learn how to develop an Internet Marketing Strategy. Where? On our blog!…

Know your audience, catch their attention

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Afraid of someone falling asleep during your presentation? Then you will want to read up on delivering a message that will have meaning for the listener. On our blog we look at why knowing your audience will make a difference in delivering your message. …

Corporate Valuation and Takeover

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Looking for some easy-to-read finance books? The three free eBooks on our blog will help you understand an annual report, a corporate equity valuation and various investment decisions. What are you waiting for?…

The changing face of sales

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The history of sales over the last several decades has changed dramatically, especially since the advent of the internet and web-based advertising. Customers have changed as well. Today, we as customers expect immediate, convenient, individualized service. You can see what else has changed by reading our blog. …