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What a manager really does

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A manager’s job is extremely difficult to pin down. Job descriptions exist, and differ from one to the next. The job is fragmented and constantly changing, even as the day progresses. Despite the difficulties to define a Manager’s job, we decided to give it a go and explain to you the functions and skills a manager should have. …

Interested in Affiliate Marketing, Six Sigma or Transatlantic Business?

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A bunch of new books have just arrived online – patiently waiting for your download. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing, Six Sigma or Transatlantic Business then these books are the right choice for you. Take a look and enjoy your read! …

Understanding workplace stress

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Each year, stress-related illnesses cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity. It is important that managers and organizational leaders understand the causes of stress so that they might help their workers manage stress and control harmful reactions to stress. You can read more about this important topic on our blog….

BBC Click reporter Russell writes about

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The technology reporter Kate Russell from the BBC program Click has posted a piece about on her blog. We have been featured in her program before. You can take a look at her latest piece about on our blog. …

Exclusive insights into risk management

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Up until today, risk management has placed its main focus on avoiding the recurrence of mistakes made in the past.What is often missing is a logical alignment of risk management with strategic business goals. But there is a lot more companies should consider regarding risk management. …

The benefits of motivation

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motivation skills

When people are motivated at work, there are many positive factors that result in the workplace. For example, the job satisfaction improves, everybody focus on the results, and everyone’s full potential can be tapped. But these are by far not the only possitive effects of motivation….

Some of our best personal development books

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We have a bunch of personal development books that have helped a lot of our readers already. We are curious to know what you think about them….

The virtues of brainstorming

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Brainstorming allow groups to generate many possible solutions to problems. Through the processes of generating and evaluating many possible solutions, an unobvious, outstanding, and one-in-a-million solution might be discovered. There is more to discover about brainstorming than you might think. …