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Google beyond google!

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Newcomers, newcomers, newcomers! Everyone who is keen on books about Google and HR should not miss this chance to download some of our newcomers for free. We are talking about books that analyze the entire range of Google products, the essentials of strategic HR and how to make the best of your employees’ sick leave. Dig in!

“Google Beyond google” demonstrates the wide scope of Google products beyond the simple search. It covers topics such as Google reader, alerts, maps, translate, scholar, docs picasa or Plus. I’d just like to say: Google, Google & Google!

Download the free eBook Google Beyond google

The straight-talking eBook about High Impact Strategic HR will give you, among others, an answer to the following questions: What does “being strategic” mean? How can an HR department add more value to the organization? How can they acquire and keep a place at the Executive table? Find answers right here!

Download the free eBook High Impact Strategic HR right here

Are you currently an employer or intend to be one in the future? Then you will have to deal with your employees’ sick leave and manage it accordingly. The costs of absence is high. This is merely one reason why you should learn how to deal with absence effectively. Our recently published eBook “Dealing with Chronic Mondayitis” gives you the opportunity to do so.

Download the free eBook Dealing with Chronic Mondayitis right here