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The ultimate do-it-yourself SEO tips

This article is based on the free eBook "SEO – From Beginner to Boffin" This article is based on the free eBook “SEO – From Beginner to Boffin”

Search Engine Optimisation is, to put it into simple and rational words, a systematic series of processes that will result in the website moving up the search engines until it can move no more. The good news is that you can perform many if not all SEO practices yourself. In this article internet marketing expert Brian Bentley BSc (Hons) reveals some useful do-it-yourself SEO tips. (more…)

How can your content rank higher on Google?

Business Blogs This article is based on the free eBook “Business Blogs”

What should you keep in mind when trying to move your website or blog up on Google? There are so many articles and blog posts about this topic that it can be quite confusing. Why not go back to the roots and stick to what Google itself suggests when it comes to creating internet content? Starting with some necessary background knowledge, this blog post provides you with the Google criteria for quality web content.  (more…)

How to get better results when searching Google

Google beyond google
This article is based on the free eBook "Google beyond google"

Back in 1996, two students at the Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, built a search engine for web pages that they named Backrub. Backrub used the quality and the quantity of the links pointing towards a page to decide on the importance and the relevance of that specific page. By 1998, they had formalised their work and Google was born. Google Search turned out to be a remarkable success and even today Google Search has more than 60% of the market share.

There are better ways than the simple search

Agreed that the simple search itself is good enough to lead most people to where they want to go or what they want to find, but with the advanced search feature and the other special features available in the search, one can make their search much faster, effective and efficient. Below you can find some tips and tricks to make your Google Search experience better.


3 musts when creating a top-notch website

Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy
This article is based on the free ebook "Developing an Internet Marketing Strategy"

Your own company’s website is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Still, that’s not all bad news. Creating your own website does not have to be a difficult task. Having doubts? Then take a look at the following steps to take for creating a successful and effective website.

Designing your Site’s web pages

Assuming that you have not hired a professional to set up and create the website, you will have to use software that act as HTML, CSS and ASCII editors. Those kinds of software that will help you design web pages include: Dreamweaver, Notetab Light, HAPedit, Arachnophilia, PSPad, Notepad ++ and Bluefish.

Remember that you want to make navigation of the site simple for the user and for important information to be emphasized. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible, especially on your home page. You should also make sure that your readers can find the information they are likely to be looking for. Also, when designing your site and its pages, you are going to want to make it searchable by search engines. You will want to put in keywords that users are searching for.


Google beyond google!

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“Google Beyond google” demonstrates the wide scope of Google products beyond the simple search. It covers topics such as Google reader, alerts, maps, translate, scholar, docs picasa or Plus. I’d just like to say: Google, Google & Google!

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