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The Art of Delegation: A Soft Skill for Everyone, Not Just Managers

The workplace in 2016 is a different world from 2006. It can be claimed that some workplaces had too many employees. Yet today, we function with far fewer people. Soft skills, therefore, are much more important than ever as we require a diverse range of skills and flexibility. The delegation was once the exclusive preserve of the supervisor or manager. Today though, we all need to identify when we have too much work and encouraging others to help. Previously, and perhaps out of politeness, employees fear to ask for help. Bookboon has an effective solution to encouraging delegation…


5 Essential Communication Skills Everybody Needs

How to get the outcome you want from your important work conversations? Your communication skills will determine how successful you are at work and in business. We take our ability to communicate for granted. But if you’ve ever had a misunderstanding or conflict at work, it will be due to poor communication skills. Frustrating for managers and staff, this can lead to relationship breakdowns and these misunderstandings cost businesses time and money. (more…)

NHH Norwegian School of Economics


NHH is one of the top business schools in Europe and is a member of the exclusive CEMS network. We offer students a first-rate education – with no tuition fee.  (more…)

3 Innovation Lessons From 3 Wise People


Innovation is the invisible force behind value-creation, economic growth and living standards. After a year of post-truth politics, when we were told that experts were not trusted any more, I need a metaphorical reboot. Maybe you do too? If so, read on for some valuable learning on innovation.  (more…)

European Bartender School launches its largest awareness campaign to date


“We Make the World Taste Better“ is the title of the European Bartender School’s latest multichannel campaign that seeks to increase the awareness of high-quality cocktail making, targeting prospective students across universities and major cities in the UK.  (more…)

How to give and receive feedback effectively

This article is based on the free eBook “Top Ten Leadership Skills”

Feedback is defined as ‘the return of information about an activity or process’. In order for effective feedback to happen, staff need to have the skills to both give and receive feedback and an understanding that this is a supportive sharing of knowledge as opposed to a ‘witch hunt’. In this article we’ll take a closer look at 2 main types of feedback. (more…)

10 elements every successful business blog needs

This article is based on the free eBook "Business Blogs - The Best Social Media Tool For Businesses" This article is based on the free eBook “Business Blogs – The Best Social Media Tool For Businesses”

Over the years, blogging services have become much more professional than ever before and there are many ways to make your blog look interesting while providing resources to your readers to enhance their personal experience with you. Besides the enhancements, there are more elements that are equally essential to a blog and it is essential to have a look at these. Here are 10 elements you need to keep in mind to secure your business blog’s success. (more…)

9 out of 10 students find textbooks too expensive – The Big Bookboon Textbook Survey


On the occasion of the start of the new semester we have asked close to 10.000 students about their opinion on digital vs. printed textbooks. Would you like to learn more about international students’ reading and learning habits? On the right you can see, for examples, the results from the US. Interested? Then take a look at the other results. And last but not least, thanks to all those who participated in our survey.

About the survey

Our textbook survey was conducted between the 1st of June and the 1st of September. During this time close to 10.000 students from countries such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands answered our questions about the use of textbooks. Let’s take a look at the results – in a written and graphical version. Don’t miss this!


Some of the main results

  • US students are the champions of digital textbooks: 58% favour digital over printed textbooks.
  • UK students are the kings and queens of taking it easy: 62.5% of the students in favor of digital textbooks prefer them because they are easier to carry.
  • Dutch students never get tired of flipping real pages around: 70% of them are still preferring printed books.
  • Indian students are pioneers in matters of eTextbooks: 54,1% prefer digital before printed textbooks
  • 94% of the Germans refuse to always buy the required textbook
  • Almost half of the Swedish students realized they only need a few chapters of their textbooks


All results of the specific countries 


And here are some of the articles featuring our student survey


Thank again to the thousands of students who filled out our questionnaire, you have been a great help!

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How to apply abroad – Finding a job in Germany

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If you are thinking of applying for a job, it doesn’t matter where you are located: your goal will always be to impress the reader of your CV and get hired. When it comes to applying abroad, Germany, as one of the strongest economic powers in Europe, is becoming increasingly popular. However, don’t forget that there are some differences in application processes between different countries. We have collected the most striking ones to help you make sure that your application to Germany is a success.


4 new eBooks – from job search to MBA Education

Our mission is to provide you with new eBooks every week. Thanks to our authors, we can announce the arrival of 4 new titles. As always, it’s a colourful mixture of topics: from job searching tools to advanced macroeconomics, workplace investigations and MBA education.

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