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Teamwork skills: 4 myths about teamwork

teamwork skillsBuilding and leading a successful team is akin to taking a journey. Members of the team should experience it together but the teamwork journey is tricky for leaders to map. In fact, there is, for some managers, significant unlearning of the habits and processes they use in their everyday leadership. Especially as there is a lot of misinformation surrounding what team management looks like (Take “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM for example). Let’s look at four common teamwork myths and try to debunk them. (more..)

The 4 zones of employee engagement 

employee engagementAs managers, we like to think of our teams as being made up of highly-engaged, proactive and solution-focused employees. After all, that’s why we hired them. But as it turns out, most teams are often nowhere near as engaged as we perceive them to be.

A recent study by Ashridge Executive Education learned that only a quarter of U.K. teams are giving their best at work, while almost a third (32 percent) are actively disengaged. (more..)

Interpersonal skills explained

Interpersonal skills. You use them every day without even knowing it. We use interpersonal skills when we communicate and interact with people both personally and professionally. But what are these skills? And why are they so important? (more..)

How to Build Your Team Through Organisational Theory


When organisational behaviour becomes a threat to the success of your business, you must be able to understand why organisational theory is so important to the way that you arrange and manage your business or non-profit establishment. Once understood, you can greatly improve turnover, sales and profits, using dynamic systems which need not be kept hush-hush by those that know. Do you want in on the secret? (more..)

Without the Teamwork Soft Skill, there is No Team

Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company's success. Read this article to find out why the soft skill teamwork is vital for your company’s success.

There is not greater soft skill than teamwork. However, ask yourself whether your team is an actual team or whether it is a collection of individuals. Teamwork is vital for your company’s success. Although we cannot change people’s individual outlook, we can encourage them to pull together for the betterment of the team. There is a simple solution that won’t cause you headaches.  (more..)