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5 teamwork books you can’t miss

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Teamwork may make the dream work but managing a team doesn’t always feel like a dream. That’s why we have put together a list of the top 5 teamwork eBooks you just can’t miss. Check them out below! Tip: Click on the images throughout the blog to download your eBooks.

Building an effective team

Management takes time, commitment and skill. It is easy to underestimate. It can seem daunting. Success is, to a large extent, in the detail. How do you get it all right? This book isolates and reviews the key factor that makes it work. 

Embedding team learning

Embedding team learning is a comprehensive approach to maximising team development. Competition between businesses is even keener than ever before, the rate of change is rapid and constant and people’s brains are changing as we interact more and more with technology. Get the most from your team with team learning.

Team development

The best leadership style for any particular team will be influenced by its purpose and composition. This eBook provides a practical guide to understanding team development outlining the five factors that need to be in place to ensure positive and productive team dynamics.

Team performance unleashed

This eBook is about how to boost team performance in a business or project setting. It’s based on a people-centered approach to leadership and elaborates on 4 power pillars to skyrocket team productivity. The four pillars are Mindset, Grit, Grip, and Gear.

The myths and realities of teamwork

In this free eBook, author, David Wright, sets out to share 30 years of his team building experience in organisations both large and small. The book focuses on the key milestones that mark a team’s journey to high performance, without being naïve to the challenges and the pitfalls; hence the title The Myths and Realities of Teamwork.