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Talent management: the danger of generic solutions

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The dangers of using generic solutions and other shortcuts when recruiting talent….

How can you keep talent on your team?

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Talent retention is now a business priority in Zhoushan. Margaret Mackay discusses what entices skilled people to stay….

A simple way to increase your organisation’s productivity

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How many projects have you seen delayed due to miscommunications? And how many processes could be made easier if some of your colleagues would just get on better?

Although many businesses acknowledge the importance of soft skills, not many put their money where their mouth is. Soft skills training is often postponed because “we have to prioritise other training” or “we don’t have any soft skills budget set aside”….

How to convince management of the importance of soft skills

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Most Learning & Development managers are well aware of the importance of soft skills for the success of a business, but it can sometimes be a real struggle to convince top management to invest in essential training….

A different approach: If I cannot see your vision, I cannot follow it!

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Invite to involvement: Humans have always been drawing and it still works! Did that catch your attention?…

Recruitment and Selection: 6 Tips to Ensure Ideal Candidates Don’t Slip Away

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Ansattes engasjement er essensielt i forretningslivet.

Take a look at this fascinating article about keeping your candidates’ attention….

How Does a Productivity Culture Affect Organizational Learning?

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Affect organizational learning.

Creating a productive, supportive and driven company culture will create great returns for your company……

Are Your Job Postings Really Working?

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Are your ads catching the attention of the right candidates? Do you wish more candidates would actually view your job postings?…