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The secrets of the perfect job ad

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Are you looking for a new employee at the moment? Are you sure your job ad will be found by the right candidate? We can show you what to consider when it comes to finding the ideal candidate and creating a top-notch job ad….

Tips for a successful interview: The employer’s perspective

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Finding the right person for the job is a difficult task. You can start by getting some useful tips on how to successfully lead an interview. Good luck finding the right candidate!…

Why you fail to perform at work

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Be honest: Are you sometimes bored or even frustrated at work? These are just two common reasons for “non-conformance”. Take a look at some other causes of poor performance at work!…

Our brand new free downloadable eBooks: Definitely keepers!

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Check out our brand new free downloadable eBooks! These are definitely keepers!…

Good vs. bad bosses: What employees really want

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No manager was born in his/her role as a leading character in a company. Many of them started as employees with fewer responsibilities. Therefore it is important for them to remember where they started and what they expected from their own managers. But what exactly do employees want?…

How to recruit the right person for the job

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People are vital to the success of any organization. It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices result in high labor turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. On our blog you can take a look at how to avoid this bad outcome by recruiting the right people in the first place….

Google beyond google!

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Newcomers, newcomers, newcomers! Everyone who is keen on books about Google and HR should not miss this chance to download some of our newcomers for free. Where? On our blog!…