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Author Archives: Robin Throckmorton

Securing Hiring Manager Buy-in: 5 Steps to Successful Recruiting in Today’s Labor Market

Since you’re in the trenches of daily recruiting, you know that we can no longer “post and pray.” With the tight labor market, you’re spending more time sourcing to identify viable passive candidates. Once you find those candidates, you need to move them through the selection process quickly before they are snatched up by competitors. Meanwhile, your hiring managers want to compare several candidates before making a decision. How can you help them understand and react to the reality of today’s labor market?  (more…)

Eye-opening Onboarding Tips: Best Practices to Welcome Your New Hires


After you followed the 3 essential steps for successful recruitment and your ideal candidate has accepted the job offer, can you now pat yourself on the back because your work is done? Not exactly. A new hire’s experience during their first week of employment acts as a first impression, so onboarding has become one of the most important steps of the entire recruitment process. You’ve invested a lot of time and money thus far, so you don’t want to slack off at the onboarding stage and return to square one of recruiting the position again, do you? (more…)

3 Essential Steps for Successful Recruitment You Can’t Afford to Skip


When employee turnover climbs to an excessive rate, many companies ask themselves, “Where did we go wrong?” A good idea is to look at the starting point to see the importance of being engaged in all steps of recruitment from forming a strategy to making an offer, in order to select the right people for the job. The cost and time put into replacing an employee far outweighs doing it right the first time. (more…)

Are Your Job Postings Really Working?

strategic HR, inc. This is a guest post by Bookboon author Robin Throckmorton.

Are your ads catching the attention of the right candidates?  Do you wish more candidates would actually view your job postings?

A job posting is not a job description! To create an effective job posting, you need to put on your marketing hat and create a “job ad” instead.  Unfortunately, most HR folks are not marketers; so creating a job ad for an open position can be a challenge.

You should think of your job opportunity as your product and the individuals that will read the job ad as your potential customers. Your goal is to attract your “customers” interest, communicate the key points quickly and clearly, and leave the “customer” with a call to action. The only way you will accomplish this is to go beyond the basics of the job and grab potential candidates’ attention right away so they want to work for you.