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6 quick cover letter tips

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This article is based on the eBook “Be a better writer”

If you are hoping to get a job interview with a specific company, you can increase your odds of that happening with a well-written cover letter. In this article you can find some quick tips for writing an effective cover letter to send to prospective employers, along with your resume. Take a look!


Tip #1 – Customize your letter

If you’re answering a job ad, the employer may ask for just a resume. But include a cover letter and your resume will be more likely to get noticed. In your letter, briefly explain how your skills match up with what the employer is looking for as indicated in his job posting (the ad you’re responding to). Customize your cover letter like this for each specific job (and company) you apply for.


Tip #2 – Include highlights of your resume

Since you’ll be including your resume with your cover letter, there’s no need to duplicate the resume. However, in your letter you should point out a few key points from your resume, so the employer will be sure to notice them. Highlight your education and/or experience as it relates to the job.


Tip #3 – Keep it brief and to the point

Your cover letter should be one page or less with short paragraphs, so get right to the point. Write simply, clearly, and directly.


Tip #4 – Personalize the letter

Address the letter to the person responsible for hiring. You may need to make a phone call to get this person’s name, but it will be well worth it.


Tip #5 – Consider an email cover letter

Most companies will indicate whether or not they accept cover letters and resumes via email. Use email only when indicated and send an attachment to the email only if the employer requests one. Otherwise, include everything within the email itself.


Tip #6 – Proof everything before sending

If possible, ask someone to read your cover letter (and your resume, for that matter) before you send it. At the very least, spell check and proofread the material yourself and make any needed corrected before sending it.


Checklist for your cover letters

Be sure you can check off each item on this list before sending out your cover letter.

1. The cover letter is customized for the company it is being sent to.

2. The cover letter highlights the resume and points out key qualifications that match up with what the employer is looking for in a candidate.

3. The cover letter is brief and gets right to the point.

4. The cover letter is personalized – addressed to the person who will hire the person to fill the advertised position.

5. If the cover letter is to be sent via email, there are no attachments (unless requested by the employer). Everything is contains within the email itself.

6. The cover letter has been proofed and any needed revisions and corrections have been made.


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