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Leif Mejlbro
  • Страна: Denmark
  • Количество книг: 121

Leif Mejlbro was educated as a mathematician at the University of Copenhagen, where he wrote his thesis on Linear Partial Differential Operators and Distributions. Shortly after he obtained a position at the Technical University of Denmark, where he remained until his retirement in 2003. He has twice been on leave, first time one year at the Swedish Academy, Stockholm, and second time at the Copenhagen Telephone Company, now part of the Danish Telecommunication Company, in both places doing research.

At the Technical University of Denmark he has during more than three decades given lectures in such various mathematical subjects as Elementary Calculus, Complex Functions Theory, Functional Analysis, Laplace Transform, Special Functions, Probability Theory and Distribution Theory, as well as some courses where Calculus and various Engineering Sciences were merged into a bigger course, where the lecturers had to cooperate in spite of their different background. He has written textbooks to many of the above courses.

His research in Measure Theory and Complex Functions Theory is too advanced to be of interest for more than just a few specialist, so it is not mentioned here. It must, however, be admitted that the philosophy of Measure Theory has deeply in uenced his thinking also in all the other mathematical topics mentioned above.

After he retired he has been working as a consultant for engineering companies { at the latest for the Femern Belt Consortium, setting up some models for chloride penetration into concrete and giving some easy solution procedures for these models which can be applied straightforward without being an expert in Mathematics. Also, he has written a series of books on some of the topics mentioned above for the publisher Ventus/Bookboon.

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Discrete Distributions
Complex Functions Examples c-2
Examples of Applications of The Power Series...
Complex Functions Examples c-8
My Horror Chamber
Methods for finding Zeros in Polynomials
Examples of Fourier series
Topological and Metric Spaces, Banach Spaces...
Integral Operators
Linear algebra c-2
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume I
Ordinary differential equations of first order
Complex Functions Examples c-5
Hilbert Spaces and Operators on Hilbert Spaces
Linear algebra c-3
Real Functions in One Variable - Integrals...
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume XI
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume II
Complex Functions c-1
Linear algebra c-1
Examples of Sequences
Random variables II
Elementary Analytic Functions
Global Analysis
Analytic Aids
Complex Functions Theory c-11
Complex Functions Examples c-7
Real Functions in One Variable - Elementary...
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume III
Stability, Riemann Surfaces, Conformal Mappings
Examples of General Elementary Series
Examples of Differential Equations of Second...
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume VIII
Complex Functions Examples c-6
Real Functions in One Variable - Simple 1...
Real Functions in One Variable - Simple 2...
Complex Functions Theory c-12
The Laplace Transformation I – General Theory
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume VI
Examples of Power Series
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume V
Real Functions in One Variable - Complex...
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume VII
Stochastic Processes 1
Random variables I
Stochastic Processes 2
Calculus of Residua
Spectral Theory
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume X
Continuous Distributions
Examples of Eigenvalue Problems
Random variables III
Introduction to Probability
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume IV
Examples of Systems of Differential Equations...
Real Functions in One Variable - Taylor's...
Complex Functions Examples c-4
Complex Functions Examples c-9
Real Functions in One Variable
Complex Functions Examples c-3
Real Functions in Several Variables: Volume IX
Linear algebra c-4
Sequences and Power Series
Fourier Series and Systems of Differential...
Global Analyse
Konform Afbildning og Dirichletproblemet
Matematisk Analyse 1a
Matematisk Analyse 1c-1
Matematisk Analyse 1c-2
Matematisk Analyse 4b
Analytiske hjælpemidler
Argumentprincippet og Mangetydige Funktioner
Matematisk Analyse 1c-4
Matematisk Analyse 1c-6
Matematisk Analyse 2b
Matematisk Analyse 2c-1
Matematisk Analyse 3c-1
Stokastiske Processer 1
Stokastiske variable III
Stokastiske variable I
Matematisk Analyse 4c-3
Diskrete Fordelinger
Nogle transformationer
Matematisk Analyse 4c-1
Matematiske værktøjer i Signalanalyse
Matematisk Analyse 2c-4
Lineær Algebra, Eksempler c-3
Analytiske funktioner
Hilbertrum og Operatorer på Hilbertrum
Matematisk Analyse 2c-8
Matematisk Analyse 2c-10
Matematisk Analyse 2c-6
Matematisk Analyse 2c
Topologiske og metriske rum, Banachrum og...
Komplekse tal
Matematisk Analyse 3c-3
Matematisk analyse 1c-3
Matematisk Analyse 3b
Lineær Algebra, Eksempler c-2
Matematisk Analyse 2c-2
Matematisk Analyse 4c-2
Matematisk Analyse 3c-2
Kontinuerte Fordelinger
Elementære analytiske funktioner og ...
Matematisk Analyse 2c-9
Matematisk Analyse 4c-4
Lineær Algebra, Eksempler c-4
Stokastiske variable II
Anvendelser af residueregning
Matematisk Analyse 3c-4
Matematisk analyse 1c-5
Matematisk Analyse 2c-7
Stokastiske Processer 2
Matematisk Analyse 2c-5
Lineær Algebra, Eksempler c-1
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