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Three ways new tech is changing L&D

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Technological innovation never stands still, and the benefits that new ideas are bringing to the world of learning and development are increasing every day. Over the course of 2019, we can expect to see a range of exciting new tech aimed at improving efficiency across the sector.  Innovation aimed at learning and development professionals ranges from new takes on digital learning, to HR tech which could be able to predict potential skills gaps before they happen. Take a look at three ways we could see tech transforming learning and development over the coming year.  

Digital learning tools will transform the way companies train their staff

In the past, training of any kind would usually entail a lengthy, expensive course which would eat away at company resources. The time and money needed to enroll employees on the training courses they needed would be a significant consideration, and often meant that employees wouldn’t get the training they needed to fulfill their potential, driving down both motivation and productivity levels.

More recently, we’ve seen a much greater emphasis on the power of digital learning tools such as eBooks, to get around this problem. Companies are now able to share training programmes and information with their teams via devices which can be accessed at a time which is convenient to the individual, making a huge range of training resources far more accessible.

In figures released by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), we can see that “34% of companies are now aggressively implementing mobile learning strategies.” (1) Similarly, CLO Magazine reported that 1 in 3 learning managers is now using mobile devices such as eBooks to deliver technical and compliance skills training. (2) As the power of eLearning becomes more prevalent, you can expect to see these figures skyrocket.

HR technology will be put into practice, creating new learning programs

Millennials are taking over the job market, and according to recent research, this new talent pool is far more likely to change jobs than their older colleagues. In fact, as part of research undertaken by Jive Communications, it was found that “of the 2,000 millennials surveyed (ages 18-34), more than half (53%) have had three or more jobs since the start of their careers.” (3) So, businesses need to think very carefully about how to keep their workforce engaged, motivated and driven, otherwise those turnover rates could well soar.

One of the ways in which learning and development professionals can help to keep hold of team members is through rewarding learning programs that help every member of staff to progress in their career. Innovative new HR technology is the key to this new way of thinking about training. It enables learning and development professionals to stay one step ahead in terms of employee development, meaning no team member will feel forgotten about. Used correctly, this HCM technology could well put a stop to employees searching for new jobs as a way to fulfill their career aspirations. According to Deloitte, some companies have already begun investing billions into better understanding the data of their employees, via HR technology. (4)

Tech will forecast possible skills gaps before they happen

One of the most crucial aspects of any learning and development professional’s responsibilities is recruitment and ensuring the avoidance of problematic skills gaps within in business. Currently, more employees are on the move, empowered by the current candidate-led job market and the vast amounts of information they have at their fingertips via mobile devices. So, it’s up to learning and development professionals to keep plugging skills gaps as they occur.

New HR software is set to change this, enabling learning and development professionals to better forecast skills gaps before they happen. This will be hugely beneficial in terms of recruitment and will afford companies more time to search for the perfect candidate for their business. With new HR tech, learning and development professionals will also be able to predict which skills they need to invest in with their own team members, whether that be skills like communication, teamwork or problem-solving.

The world of learning and development is changing, get ahead of the game

Like many industries, the world of learning and development is constantly transforming, largely as a result of new innovations and exciting, fresh ways of thinking. The key to making the most of these new developments is staying ahead of the game, ensuring that you utilise every new piece of information or kit available in order to get the best from your team and boost profits for your business at the same time.

Spotting skill gaps using technology is one thing, offering the right learning content is another but one thing is certain: learning and development needs to keep up with a changing demand for an offering that is fit for purpose.

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