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Motivation skills for managers: 6 Steps to improve employees’ motivation

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motivation skills

There are many reasons employees might be lacking in motivation and it is up to managers not only to be motivated themselves but also use their leadership skills to motivate their employees. Motivation and inspiration do come and go naturally for everyone but there are a few steps managers can take to encourage and influence staff to remain inspired and motivated in both the short and long-term….

The next Prime Minister: 6 soft skills for the UK’s next leader

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general election

While there is still some speculation over to who will fill May’s shoes, Britains next PM will require a specific set of skills to get the job done. Here are the 6 soft skills the UK’s next Prime Minister will need. …

Soft skills in sport: 6 soft skills every sportsperson needs

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Becoming a legendary sportsperson requires a set of skills that the rest of us can use in our everyday lives. Here are the 6 soft skills that every sportsperson needs and how everyone can learn from them. …

Motivation for managers: How to impact motivation with workplace environment

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motivation for managers

The physical space as well as how an employee feels about that space can play a huge role in whether or not they feel motivated and productive. …

Motivation for managers: how to motivate employees

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how to motivate employees

As a manager, you know that when your staff is motivated, workplace morale and productivity increases, both of which are great for business. But, when it comes to motivating a team of employees, knowing where to begin can prove difficult for many managers. We have you covered with 5 practical steps that you can take to enhance motivation within your staff members. …

Goal setting: Smart goals to smash your weekly schedule

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Goal setting

It’s a new week, a brand new month and a great time to set goals. Learn how SMART goals will help you organise and motivate yourself to get from goal-setting to goal-crushing and achieve what you want to. …

Motivation for managers: 5 reasons employees lack motivation

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motivation skills

Having an unmotivated employee can be bad for productivity, overall morale and communication. An important part of a manager’s job is to keep employees inspired and motivated. But before a manager can motivate an employee to their best level of performance, they must understand what the barriers are that are keeping them from performing at that level already. Here are 5 common reasons employees lack motivation….

Productivity: 4 ways to improve your productive efficiency

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Do you ever look at your extremely productive coworker and think ‘How do they do it all?’. When we see people who seem to have every part of their work and personal lives managed and under control we often wonder if they might not be human. Turns out, they have likely just mastered a few simple and effective steps to increase their productivity. Let’s have a look at these 4 ways to use productivity to take you from super-stressed to superhuman.