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Soft skills in sport: 6 soft skills every sportsperson needs

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From the dramatic Cricket World Cup final to the epic wrapping up of Wimbledon, the UK has just come out of a weekend jam-packed with sports highlights. Winning a sports trophy, something that many of us have dreamed of since we were small, takes a great deal of raw physical talent. However, becoming a legendary sportsperson requires another set of skills that the rest of us can use in our everyday lives. Here are the 6 soft skills that every sportsperson needs and how everyone can learn from them. 


Every sportsperson knows that not every match or game they enter will be a win. It can take time, but being resilient teaches athletes and non-athletes alike to accept that failure is a part of life and not only to get back up when life (or a charging striker) knocks you down but also to welcome challenges and learn from them. Resilience gives us the skills to move past fear and push our of our comfort zones, something that can incessantly be applied to our real life.

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In the same way that work-life balance can be difficult to achieve in ‘the real world’, professional athletes must learn to manage their time effectively. Juggling demanding training sessions, press conferences, travel, and matches themselves all while attempting to maintain a social life takes strong time-management skills. 

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Stress happens to everyone, both on and off the court or playing field and managing it is a skill that requires almost as much practice as getting the perfect swing in golf. Whether preparing for an important meeting or presentation or warming up on the sidelines of a final match, coping with high-pressure situations and remaining calm with stress management is an important skill for everyone. 

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communication skills

In the sports industry, like in many industries, the ability to effectively communicate with everyone from team members to managers to the press is an essential skill to possess. In the same way that coaches do, communicating strategies and tactics to team members in an effective way can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful play. 

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The skills associated with playing as part of a sports team can be easily transferred to working as a member of a team of professionals. Team members must know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, communicate strategies, brainstorm new tactics and work together towards a common goal.
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Whether in charge of a large team or a one-on-one coach, skills such as mentoring, inspiring, delegating and decision-making are essential leadership skills for all managers. 
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