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Gap Analysis: Dealing With Your Current and Desired State

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Daily Planning will get you there!

As part of the strategies for ultimate success discussed in our previous article, daily planning is really an important element. There are actually seven simple reasons why you need to choose to plan on a daily basis. Here is a list of reasons…

  1. To be able “to do more with less” (being efficient – doing more tasks, with less time, or effort, etc.)
  2. To adapt with the increasing workload and pressure in the workplace
  3. To lessen the pressure to work in new ways
  4. To be able to balance a greater number, or more complex, short and long term tasks
  5. To feel inundated and not swamped
  6. To lessen the struggle of never getting to the end of your to do list
  7. To gain or take back control over your workload

Where you are now versus where you want to be

Depending on your work environment, you may find some or even all of these reasons related to you. To achieve them fully, you need to analyze your current (where you are now) and desired (where you want to be) status. After that, you may be able to fill the gap between them. This process is referred to “gap analysis”.

The “current state” – The treadmill wherein one can’t get off

The world cloud below shows the usual “current state” of common employees. They are usually out of control and swamped, wanting to be more efficient, effective and have a more logical structure or approach on their jobs. They also have a feeling or hope that there is a “better way”. Basically, they are like on a treadmill wherein they can’t get off even if they’re too tired.

The "Current" State.
The “Current” State.

The “desired state” – where you want to get

On the other hand, the second word cloud summarizes how common employees wanted to become – the “desired state”. Everybody wants to be in control of things and be able to look forward. Employees need a room to breathe – to have their own time and space to develop thoughts and ideas. They need time for themselves as an individual. Everybody wants to feel truly efficient and effective, be able to use time wisely or smartly.

The "desired" state.
The “desired” state.

Daily Planning will get you there

The process of daily planning can be tough and challenging. Changing the way you structure your day needs hard work and patience. It may be easier to just give up and go back to how you’ve always done things, but doing so will not help you reach your desired state. Keeping in mind the burden of your “current state” will drive you and motivate you to get rid of your present condition.

You need to step-up!

You need to improve! You need to say goodbye to your present condition to be truly efficient and effective. Leave the burdens and move forward. Learn to plan your success on daily basis!

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