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Paul Newton
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Paul Newton has worked in IT and Project management for over 30 years and has also developed several internet based enterprises. He was a co-founder and director of ITT Ltd where he was responsible for the development and marketing of software-based management training tools. Clients included Microsoft, IBM, Pfizer, Sun Microsystems, UK National Health, Ministry of Defence, Barclays and many other internationally known organisations.

Prior to that, he worked as an IT consultant specialising in developing IBM mainframe software for many of the company's clients including: Rockwell, Severn Trent Water, SWEB, SWALEC, and Eagle Star Insurance.

He also owns, a leading provider of practice aptitude tests. This website helps over a million people per year to pass job selection tests including: numerical, verbal, abstract, spatial and mechanical reasoning tests. It has 16 free practice tests available to download - visit

You can contact him at, or via his personal blog

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What is Effective Goal Setting?
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Management Assessment
Audiobook: What is Effective Goal Setting?
Preparing for Interview Exercises
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Understanding Financial Performance
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Effective Conference Calls
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Audiobook: How to Effectively Communicate
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Cómo evitar la procrastinación
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Understanding why Teams Underperform
Managing a Project Team
How to Prepare a Presentation
Managing the Project Budget
Leadership Theories
Team Development
What is Performance Management?
Managing Project Quality
How to Develop Emotional Intelligence
How to Effectively Communicate
How to Deliver a Presentation
What are Income Statements?
Setting an Agenda
What is Active Listening?
What is Emotional Intelligence?
What is the Boston Matrix?
Audiobook: Project Management Processes
Successful Coaching Skills and Models
Understanding Accounting Principles
Interview Questions
Audiobook: How to Overcome Procrastination
What is the PESTLE Analysis?
Taking Meeting Minutes
Managing the Project Schedule
How to Evaluate Performance
The Best Principles of Coaching
How to Develop Competencies
Managing Project Risk
Cómo negociar la cantidad de trabajo
Gestión de proyectos comunicacionales eficaces
Cómo preparar una presentación
Teorías de liderazgo
Cómo administrar el equipo del proyecto
Cómo medir la inteligencia emocional
Cómo controlar las interrupciones
Cómo elaborar el orden del día
Cómo desarrollar las competencias
Conferencias telefónicas efectivas
Evaluaciones de gestión
Comment présider une réunion
Les modèles à suivre en coaching pour réussir
Comment mesurer l’intelligence émotionnelle
Comment développer les compétences
La gestion de qualité de projet
Développer l’esprit d’équipe
Préparation aux exercices d’entretien
Donner une présentation
Comment déléguer avec succès
Desarrollo de equipos
Administración del presupuesto del proyecto
Cómo redactar un acta de reunión
Cómo comunicarse de manera eficaz
Cómo desarrollar la inteligencia emocional
Administración del programa de proyecto
Cómo dirigir una reunión
Formación de equipos
Preguntas de entrevista
Cómo evaluar el desempeño
Ejercicios de entrevista de gestión
Modelos y habilidades eficaces de coaching
Cómo realizar una presentación
Le développement d'équipe
Comment développer l’intelligence émotionnelle
Les évaluations de management
Comment négocier votre charge de travail
Gérer la qualité des projets
Comment gérer les interruptions
Comment évaluer la performance
Les comptes rendus de réunion
Qu’est-ce que l’écoute active ?
Conférences téléphoniques efficaces
Comment communiquer efficacement
Comment préparer une présentation
Élaborer un ordre du jour
Как преодолеть прокрастинацию
Jak Překonat Prokrastinaci
Bli flink til å delegere
Hvordan måle emosjonell intelligens
Co je to aktivní naslouchání
Administrere et prosjektteam
Hvordan forhandler du egen arbeidsbelastning
Hvordan utvikle emosjonell intelligens
Effektiv administrasjon av prosjektkommunikasjon
Hvordan forberede en presentasjon
Evaluering av ansattes utvikling og resultater
Før gode møtereferat
Hvordan kommunisere effektivt
Hvordan lede et møte
Lær å takle avbrytelser
Betydningen av en god møteagenda
Ferdigheter og modeller for suksessfull coaching
Effektive konferansesamtaler
Administrere prosjektbudsjettet
Få bukt med prokrastineringen
Hvordan fremføre en presentasjon
Forberedelser til intervju-øvelsene
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