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Soft skills key to innovation

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In a recent study West Monroe polled more than 600 HR and recruiting professionals about the importance of soft skills for hiring technology employees and 650 business professionals on how they work with their technology teams.  

The results highlight how soft skills are still often not being nurtured sufficiently amongst IT professionals, leading to suboptimal business performance. …

The soft skills gap: ignoring stats for 100 years

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In 2016 a group of researchers from Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center extrapolated statistics from “A Study of Engineering Education”, authored by Charles Riborg Mann and published in 1918. …

From problem-based learning to coaching and mentoring: An overview of experiential learning models

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Experiential learning is learning acquired through action and practice. We learn by interacting with others engaged in meaningful tasks. Here’s an overview of the main experiential learning models….

10 powerful quotes on soft skills

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One of the reasons we started Bookboon so many years ago is because we truly believe that soft skills are at the core of any successful business and any successful career. And we’re more passionate than ever about the power that soft skills hold.  …

When the world’s most standardised company sees a need for soft skills…

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In case studies and textbooks all over the world, people have studied the success of McDonald’s, which many attribute to the standardisation of its products, ways of working and branding.  

So when the business that is the epitome of efficiency and standardisation starts talking about soft skills, we’d better listen.  …

Don’t stop at Blended Learning

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Different people learn best in different ways. This means it’s incredibly important that businesses provide their staff with a range of corporate learning opportunities to suit individuals’ learning styles. …

eBooks beat their paper variants in the learning arena

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People that are used to reading printed books sometimes have reservations when it comes to eBooks. I’ve heard them say reading can feel a bit slower and that it’s harder to retain things. But what does science say? Are eBooks a good alternative for printed material?…

Ineffectively managed conflict is costing businesses millions every year

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change management

I recently came across a very interesting study by CPP on the impact of good conflict management on your business.* Although the research is a few years old (2008), given they interviewed 5,000 full-time employees in nine countries around Europe and the Americas, it is probably still very valid and relevant….