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5 steps to empower yourself – be your own mentor!

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Empowerment starts now!
Empowerment starts now!

In the midst of criticism and our neighbours or siblings who may like to tease us, how do we manage to empower ourselves?

I grew up with six (6!) brothers and two sisters and never received compliments. Therefore I cannot tell from experience how helpful family can be to achieve your goals.

Just like one of my sisters, I have this passion to write and to help others. We like to support each other and we manage to achieve our goals. Despite our brothers we have written 3 books!


Here are our tools and rules for empowerment:


1. Smile

Smile with your whole body and mind. This means: welcome and be open to your ideas, thoughts and actions. Let’s hear, let’s see! This is an ACT of complete openness.



2. Believe in yourself

Facts count! You believe because you KNOW what you have done before was successful. Focus on what worked, what was good. It doesn’t have to be big and smart and beautiful. Just enough to know you can rely on it to take the next step.


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3. Communicate

Talk to yourself, talk with your pets, with your spouse, friends and neighbors about what makes it worthwhile to go on with your idea, to put all that effort into it, to stay focused on this particular issue for so long. When your INTUITIVE radar is constantly in the green zone despite difficult questions, you know there is nothing that can stop you!


4. Celebrate

Allow yourself to be happy about your (tiny) results. Put your arms in the air and scream out loud: YESSS!!  Write it down, buy yourself an ice cream, go to a concert. Just make yourself FEEL on the inside that you’re doing the right thing.


5. … and start over

Smile + Believe + Communicate + Celebrate + Smile + Be …


Empowerment is needed in all kinds of situations (business, school, at home, in sports) and in all stages of life. It’s fun and not hard to empower others, it’s something great mentors love to do!


Mentors follow the steps 1 to 5 over and over again!


Mentors are completely open, they believe in their mentees, they communicate about goals and they make sure their mentees celebrate tiny successes! Check my other blogs for more detail!


Read more by Ella de Jong in her eBook “Solution Focused Mentoring”.


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