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The Connection between Good Time Management and Good Health

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It’s all about health! People are becoming more aware of their general health and want to adopt new habits to live a happier and healthier life. However, many people struggle to achieve the lifestyle balance they want. This is caused by the issue that many people don’t know about the impact their time management has on this process. Read this article if you want to learn how to make a difference.


The Greatest Asset

Although time has been touted as your greatest asset, it is really your health that is your greatest asset. And too often, health is being put at risk in order to save time. Health management is the most important component of holistic time management.

When you feel sick you couldn’t care less about productivity; you only care about getting better. All the things you thought really mattered, like money, possessions, your goals and aspirations, suddenly don’t matter.


Create Awareness before it is too late

Unfortunately most people don’t think about their health until they’re sick, and then it could be too late. Regular check-ups, diet, exercise, adequate sleep are all strategies that help keep you healthy, but have the added impact of increasing your energy level, personal productivity and mental agility as well.


Adopt Good Sleep Habits

My book, Sleep: a time management strategy covers in detail the benefits of sleep. Insufficient sleep slows reasoning ability, logical thinking and reaction time as well as motor skills and manual dexterity. Performance suffers as well as your health. It lowers the tolerance for frustration & heightens interpersonal sensitivity.  It impairs focus, problem solving and memory.  People who brag that they get by on 5 hours a night and it doesn’t affect their productivity or energy level at all, don’t realize that it’s their sleep-deprived brain that’s telling them that.

As research for my book, I increased my sleep time from an average of 6 hours a night to 7 hours a night, and I know it has increased my personal productivity and energy level as well as my mood. That’s why I refer to sleep a time management strategy. I now view the one hour of additional sleep as a time investment that pays dividends in terms of what I can achieve.


Build a Healthy Diet

What you put into your body is important as well. Fast food is tempting in this age of speed – especially when you live alone as I do, and are responsible for cooking your own meals. I facilitated a seminar in Mexico last year, and handed out a grid of what I put in the oatmeal that I cooked each morning for breakfast, indicating the ingredients such as blueberries, flax seed, cinnamon, bananas and honey, and indicating why they were added – to reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. It pays to eat healthy foods.


It’s a good idea to consult health practitioners but you have to participate actively in your own health as well.




This Article is based on the following eBook, written by Harold L. Taylor

An Introduction To Holistic Time Management