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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Practical tips for a better work-life balance

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Would you like to simplify your life and gain a healthier work-life balance? Then put these free tips into action. …

How to respond to compliments and criticism

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Become better at dealing with everyday situations and raise your self-esteem. Find tips on how to respond to compliments, criticism and overcome shyness….

Improve your emotional intelligence through self-management

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Gain insights into self-control and adaptability. In other words, discover the secrets of self-management and emotional intelligence. Now is the time!…

Difficult personality types: How to deal with whiners and tanks

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conflict management

Learn how to deal with difficult personality types. We show you how to solve conflicts with whiners, ‘Know it Alls’ and ‘No’ persons. …

Self-Knowledge – Find out where your potential lies

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Develop your self-knowledge by putting these tips into action. This article gives you the chance to find out where your strengths lie. Grab it and start today!…

Stop negative thinking – 6 positivity boost tips

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Would you like to become more positive? Here is your chance: Get free tips on how to stop negative thinking! Start today!…

Expert tips on how to stop procrastination

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Are you one of many who procrastinates tasks from time to time? Then you are one of many. It’s only natural to resist what we have to do sometimes. But if you have a chronic problem with procrastination, it is likely impacting your ability to get your work done and get it done on time. Would you like to come up with the motivation you need to stop procrastinating and move forward? Then take the steps needed to manage and…

Sick of perfectionism! How to become more relaxed!

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Restore your self-esteem and put an end to self-doubt and perfectionism. You can get some tips here!…