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Effective Communication with Conscious Body Language

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Conscious body language
This is a guest article by Kurt Larsson.

Even with the explosion of information and communication channels available today, the pace of life has accelerated to where you probably feel that getting someone to stop, listen and and pay attention has become a real communication challenge.


Whether you are finding increased resistance to your:

  • Leadership skills,
  • Sales skills and presentation skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Parental skills

It seems that the more we bury ourselves in our electronic gadgets, the tougher it is to pry our listeners out. Welcome to the dark side of the information age where too much information has clogged our ability to effectively communicate.

Over the past generation we have gone from technology being an imperfect assistant to it being a controlling factor of how we live and behave. We are now measured, assessed, monitored and lately spied upon so much that it has become background noise to an increasingly stressful and frenetic pace of life. And that stressful pace keeps increasing.

In this continuing rush towards more technology, we also seem to be losing one of the most basic components to a well functioning society, trust.


Now, more and more jobs are becoming automated. Many trend research firms point to a future where any job now done with muscle will be replaced by machine. Any job requiring intelligence and decision will be replaced by computers and software. Researchers are now pointing towards three major trends:


The customer will vote with their wallet.

With more and more choices and increasing global competition, people have more choices. It has become and will continue to be a buyer’s market. If you and your product don’t stack up, you’ll be out of business very quickly.


Business will be more value and relationship based.

The days of cold and calculating, business transactions will fade. Emotion, feeling and integrity will be used to build trustworthy relationships. As the Center for High Ambition Leadership has stated, ”your brand will become your stand.”


New jobs will be focused upon service and communication.

Be it in customer service roles or in leadership roles, those that can listen well, communicate and ”move” others into action will be in demand.


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Could this extremely frustrating and challenging situation actually represent one of the biggest opportunities for even more effective communication going forward?

If you too are becoming more and more convinced that something needs to change for us to get to the next stage of societal development, then you may be ready for the following suggestion. What if getting more conscious of your body language can increase your ability to minimize stress, to communicate better and build more trust?

What if, your future success will depend upon you being able to convey a clear, concise and trustworthy message that can ”move” your listeners into action?

What will you need to make this happen? What about more presence and awareness of the most important communication tool you have… Your body?

Becoming more conscious of what your body is saying will:

  • Give you more control and influence over your health and well being
  • Help you inspire and engage those listening to you
  • Increase your ability to create and deliver the correct sales message
  • Get more people to trust and follow your lead
  • Strengthen your ability to collaborate and agree
  • Make you a better parent and friend


With every challenge comes an opportunity. The opportunity to become more aware of the message you send out to the universe may just be the key to your future health and success. What if better health, increased prosperity, warmer relationships and more joy come from within? Here’s to becoming more conscious of their source, here and now.

If you wish to create a better future with those with whom you communicate, you are invited to download my latest book. ”Conscious Body Language, your most sensational soft skill” on In it you will find more than 70 pages of simple, easy to apply tools and tips to increase your ability to communicate effectively, regardless of the circumstances.

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