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Know your audience, catch their attention

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Afraid of someone falling asleep during your presentation? Then you will want to read up on delivering a message that will have meaning for the listener. On our blog we look at why knowing your audience will make a difference in delivering your message. …

Corporate Valuation and Takeover

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Looking for some easy-to-read finance books? The three free eBooks on our blog will help you understand an annual report, a corporate equity valuation and various investment decisions. What are you waiting for?…

The changing face of sales

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The history of sales over the last several decades has changed dramatically, especially since the advent of the internet and web-based advertising. Customers have changed as well. Today, we as customers expect immediate, convenient, individualized service. You can see what else has changed by reading our blog. …

Must-haves for successful leaders

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Without exception, there are three traits that every leader must have in order to be successful: The desire to lead, the commitment to the vision of the organization and integrity. If you want to learn more about those three required traits, visit our blog. …

Affiliate marketing: You only pay for results

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Would it not be nice to be able to pay for your advertising only when it works? What we are talking about here is performance based marketing, and it is done through affiliate marketing. But what exactly is affiliate marketing? Let us take a look….

Essential Communication Secrets

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“You cannot not communicate”. This axiom by Paul Watzlawick proves once more how important communication skills are. Our authors can help you figure out which are the right words to use, the right way to dress or which body language is appropriate….

85 percent of our success results from a good atmosphere

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One aspect of becoming an excellent networker is to create a good atmosphere everywhere you go. Your competence isn’t enough to build up a broad and steady network, it can mean a start, but in the end it will be the atmosphere that gets you right to the cream of networking….

AIDA – An unbeatable sales classic

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Whether in advertising, marketing or sales, the AIDA model is an oldie but a goodie. It is the basis of every successful ad or sales closure. On our blog you can take a closer look at this approved marketing model from a sales perspective….