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Learning at the point of need: 3 essential aspects

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I started my morning today with reading LinkedIn’s insightful 2018 Workplace Learning Report, based on a survey of over 1,200 Talent Development managers and 2,800 other professionals….

11 essential qualities and skills for great supervisors

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What attributes and skills does a successful supervisor need? You can find out in this article!…

19 behavioural interview questions and how to answer them

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interview questions

About 80% of an interview is made up of behavioural questions. But what exactly are these questions and how to answer them? This article shows you how. …

3 ways to tackle sickness absence and save billions

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Reduce the enormous costs sickness absence costs you every year. Have you tried these steps yet?…’s textbooks will remain free for students

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Bookboon COO Thomas Buus Madsen comments on Flat World Knowledge’s decision to give up on their idea of providing students with free university textbooks. …

Infografic: Are students ready for eTextbooks?

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Interested in what 10.000 students from all over the world have to say about eTextbooks? Here are more results from our Big Bookboon Survey!…

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These are our blog partners:…

Customer service: How to attract and keep customers

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We are all customers. We shop, we bank, we buy goods and we all have an opinion about service. So what makes customer service stand out? Find the answer on our blog….