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Top 3 eBooks with free tips on how to fight stress

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Two new eBooks about stress management just arrived online and we figured you might be interested in some stress-free tips.

This is why we gathered our 3 most popular eBooks when it comes to this widespread topic.

Are you ready to learn more about stress and how to fight it? Then start today by downloading these free eBooks written by stress experts.

We hope you find these eBooks useful. If this is the case, share them with your friends as they might also suffer from stress sometimes.

Declare war on stress!!!!! Our authors and we at bookboon believe in your success! Good luck!

Self-Managed and Coach Led Stress Management
This free eBook provides you with scientifically developed practical tools to reduce or even eliminate existing stress. Seize the opportunity and get free expert stress advice.

Stress and Work/Life Balance – Insights for Managers
The author of this book has met hundreds of managers over the course of his career and collected their stories. All anti-stress and feel good tips in this free eBook are based on this wealth of knowledge. Read them and take advantage!

Managing Stress
Are you feeling stressed and more anxious than you used to? In this book you can find information, techniques and strategies to manage your stress levels. Go for it!

Managing Stress