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Tag: self-confidence

How to fight the fear of public speaking

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One of the biggest obstacles that many business people and students face is the fear of public speaking. This kind of fear ranks among the top dreads, surpassing the fear of heights, fear of spiders and even fear of death itself. On our blog you can learn how to overcome the fear of speaking in public. Go for it!…

Boost your self-awareness

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emotional intelligence

Self-awareness is the basis of each component of emotional intelligence. It refers to people’s capacity to be aware of how they are feeling. Are you missing that capacity sometimes? On our blog you can find several suggestions which will help increase your self-awareness. …

Additional ways to improve your self-confidence

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Do you want to feel more confident at work? Here are some tools you can put into practice whenever you need a quick confidence boost. By practicing these techniques you will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ – instead you will actually be more self-confident at work and in other areas of your life….

The benefits of motivation

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motivation skills

When people are motivated at work, there are many positive factors that result in the workplace. For example, the job satisfaction improves, everybody focus on the results, and everyone’s full potential can be tapped. But these are by far not the only possitive effects of motivation….