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Your Personal and Professional Development: Plans, Tips and Lists

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Tag: self-confidence

36 personal development steps, facts and questions

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Do you know your talents, weaknesses and goals? This article can help you understand yourself better and develop your personality….

Expert interview about fighting your fears and setting goals

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In business and in life, a great way to move forward and to find a sense of meaning is to create goals and a vision. This is what Shenandoah Chefalo, author of Setting your vision and defining your goals, addresses in this interview. Have a look and take a closer step towards your future!…

8 tips on how to set and accomplish goals

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Learn how to smartly accomplish your goals, implement daily habits and much more. Here are 8 great tips for goal setting and achievements. …

5 well-oiled ways to build more self-discipline

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Do you really know yourself, have courage and commitment? In this article you can discover 5 ways for more self-discipline. Don’t miss this!…

Stop negative thinking – 6 positivity boost tips

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Would you like to become more positive? Here is your chance: Get free tips on how to stop negative thinking! Start today!…

8 expert tips for assertive communication

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communication skills

Improve the power of your communication by making it more assertive. Here you will find key techniques for assertive communication. Be your best!…

Self-confidence: go back to the roots and pull out the best in yourself

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The words self-confidence and motivation did not always exist in common conversation. They are expressions that emerged as skills became more technical and one started to analyse them at the same time as human behaviour. In the workplace, self-confidence and efficacy seem to be at the root of success. In this article, we will try to find out why… Now, let us look at the contrary situation: a person who lacks self-confidence will often sit in a corner, not participate…

Perfectionism – all your questions answered

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Are you a healthy achiever and a perfectionist? Not sure? You can find out on our blog!…