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Allowing Your Brain to Play

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More and more companies are encouraging their employees to enhance more creativity in the workplace.  Many people believe that artists, writers etc. are creative, which is not true. Everyone has creative potential and is able to turn their ideas into reality. It is solely up to the person to release their creativity. This article offers some help.



As we reach the top of the body we reach the organ that we can develop and enhance throughout our lives, and hopefully energise through the creative use of every other part of the body. Allowing the brain to rule our creativity suggests that we are drawing on our wealth of logic and rationality. To be an Einstein we need to use, but not rely on these facilities of the brain.


In coaching I work with clients who might have a dream or a topic of their life or business that they wish to change, but they immediately see all the reasons why it cannot happen. By starting with the present challenges we make it very hard for the brain to be allowed, and indeed encouraged, to think up innovative solutions. We have to give it some help. The questions I ask are tried and tested tools for generating new ways of thinking, new options and new directions in which you “might” travel.


Think of a Goal you would like to achieve (The Stephen Covey 2nd Habit – “start with the end in mind.”) and then ask yourself: “What might you do if you had unlimited budget?” “What might you do if you had unlimited time?” “What might you do if you knew you could not fail?” “What might you do if you had unlimited skills and resources in yourself?” There are dozens of open questions to ask yourself. Maybe reviewing this book will generate some questions which are unique to your situation. The important thing is using “might” question which invite the brain to by-pass the problems, just for a moment.


The brain loves to work with positives, and so believing and visualising a future place to be, where you have achieved a suitable goal, helps the brain to find the path to travel, to get from here to there.


Tash Mitch talks of the brain’s power highlighting one area we can harness: “Having a strong sense of intuition is a human gift, the more we exercise the muscle of observing what we are picking up from our environment and our internal reaction to external circumstances, the better we get at using this gift.”



If you want to learn more about how to develop creativity in the workplace, download the eBook this article is based on! “The Anatomy of Your Creativity“, by Chris Grady.

The Anatomy of Your Creativity