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Digitalisering & IT

Java 11: Web applications and Java EE
Introduction to Web Services with Java
Face the Future
IT Strategy & Technology Innovation
Windows 7 Install to Secure
Communicating with Technology
Law for Computing Students
C# 10: More on WPF
Applications of Prolog
Pilar 2: Web 3.0
Java 6: JDBC and database applications
Digital Strategy Mapping
Database Design and Implementation
Cloud Computing
Read between the screens
Java: Graphical User Interfaces
Programmed Learning
Java 12: WWW and development of the client part
An Introduction to Windows Operating System
Artificial Intelligence: Exercises I
Digital Systems Design
Using Concurrency and Parallelism Effectively – II
Advanced Messaging Using PHP7 and Symfony 5
Expert Talk: Adjusting your Tech Mindset
Expert Talk: IT and Information Management & Data
Agile, a Manager’s Guide
Assessing Information Risks
Micro Talk: HR - Privacy and Protection, Part 1
Using and Managing Passwords
Powerful Online Communication
Factual Fiction
Building Real Time Web Applications in PHP and JS
LGPD Compliance Support Tools
IT Audit Guides
Expert Talk: Technology and Change
Parallel Programming Made Simple
Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES
Java 4: Java’s type system and collection classes
IT Audit Support Tools 1 - Book 4
Digitalisation: Future
HR Digital Transformation
12 Steps to Social Media Success
Automating Openstack using PHP7
Exercises on Relational Database Theory
Social Selling
Update your digital workplace
Create your digital legacy
SQL: A Comparative Survey
Micro Talk: Soft Skills and VR
Information security for non-technical managers
Must-Have Content for Your Business Website
C# 1
C# 7: About System Development
Prolog Techniques
Perl for Beginners
Internet and Technology Law: A U.S. Perspective
Understanding Computer Simulation
Building Information Modeling
Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behaviour
GDPR Gap Analysis by Article
A Guide to ERP
Using Concurrency and Parallelism Effectively – I
Applied Business Analysis
R Companion to Introductory Nonparametrics
How to Improve Your Production: Part II
How to improve your company’s performance
Cyber Scams and You! Volume 1
Data Protection Impact Assessment
Professional Audio and Video
Data Protection Specialized Controls
How to Build Software
Policing Cyber Crime
Enhance a Website Project
The CEO’s Guide to LGPD Compliance
PaulOS: Part II
In Focus: The Role of People Professionals
IT-Business Alignment: Part I
Data Protection and Privacy Management System
Expert Talk: Internet of Things
The 4th Industrial Revolution & the Future of Jobs
The Basics of User Experience Design
Digital Thinking and Mobile Teaching
Management of large sets of image data
Object Oriented Programming using C#
The Digital Transformation Handbook
Java: Classes in Java Applications
Java 1: Basic syntax and semantics
GDPR Gap Assessment Tools
Jump into the Metaverse with SpatialPort
Expert Talk: GDPR
Common Types of Attack
IT Audit Support Tools 2 - Book 5
Search Engine Advertising
Java Data Structures and Algorithms
C# 6: ADO.NET and Database Applications
DP&P Strategies, Policies and Plans
A Practical Introduction to 3D Game Development
Time to be Productive
Java 5: Files and Java IO
Automation and Robotics
IT Management Controls
An Insider’s Guide: Website Sourcing Made Easy!
IT Management, Part II
C# 8: Threads and LINQ
Artificial Intelligence: Exercises II
Introduction to Data Visualization
Go Data Structures and Algorithms
C# 11: WWW The server side
Electronics and Computing in Textiles
An Introduction to Matlab
A Step-by-Step R Tutorial
C# 5: Assemblies, Class Libraries and IO
Introduction to Soft Computing
Mathematics for Computer Scientists
Expert Talk: Data and Technology
Introduction to E-Commerce
Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
Java 3: Object-oriented programming
C# 12: WWW the Client Side
Go Faster!
Windows 8.1
Tech-Know with Uncle URL
PaulOS F020: An RTOS for the C8051F020
Visual Event Computing
IT Management
Expert Talk: Responsible Use of AI
Java 15: More about JavaFX
Java 10: Java2D, Drawing of the window
CCNA in 21 Hours
The complete web developer
Value Stream Mapping
Taming an Uncertain Future
Business Information Management
Ubuntu® Linux
Metaverse Overview & Impact
The adventures of an IT leader
Expert Talk: Cyber Security
C# 2: Programs With a Graphical User Interface
Metaverse: Sentiment Analysis
C# 3: Object Oriented Programming
GDPR Gap Analysis by Process
How to Talk Tech to a Non-Techie Audience
Pilar 5: Crypto
Future Performance Measurements in the Age of AI
Managing digital risk
Hands-on with SAP S/4HANA and GBI
Practical IT Asset Management
Good Digital Hygiene
Java 9: Swing, Documents and printing
Introduction to Social Engineering
Java 16: Mobile phones and Android
Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
Paulos F040
Managerial Technology Evaluation
Digital Image Processing: Part I
Object Oriented Programming using Java
Linux for system administrators and DevOps
C Programming in Linux
Digital Training @Work
Java: The Fundamentals of Objects and Classes
Salesforce Document Generation and Why You Need It
Working from Home
PaulOS: Part I
21st Century Corporate Learning & Development
Java 14: Development of applications with JavaFX
Managing Data Subject Rights
Java 20: About the system development process
Programming Security Surveillance Systems
Easy-to-use Team Facilitation Techniques
How to Create High Performance Teams
IT Governance Controls - Book 2
Making the Most of Big Data
Introduction to Malware
Systems Analysis and Program Development
Java 17: More about Java and Android
Expert Talk: Data Security Protection & Management
Managing Personal Data Breaches
Pilar 3: NFT's
Expert Talk: What is Blockchain
Virtual Must be Part of Your Events Strategy
Learning with Technology
The modern information environment
4 Digitalisation Tips
Java 2: Programs with a graphical user interface
Expert Talk: Cryptocurrency Safety
OOP in PHP and MVC
Pilar 4: DAO's
Decision-making support systems: Theory & practice
Productivity: Email Hacks
Artificial Intelligence
How to Build a Subscription Movement
Strategies of MNCs in the Digital Era
C# 4: Important Classes and More
Ethical Hacking for Beginners
Large Scale Data Handling in Biology
Business Information Management: Exercises
An Introduction to the Internet of Things
Metaverse Impact & Risks
How to Improve Your Production: Part I
C# 1: Basic Syntax and Semantics
How to do the Final Year Projects
Java 7: About system development
Java 19: More algorithms and data structures
Structured Programming with C++
In Focus: An Agile Approach to Learning Design
IT-Business Alignment: Part II
Agile Concepts
Scrum: The Basics
Expert Talk: Adapting to Tech Changes
Under the Influence
Expert Talk: AI in Business - the Real Scoop
Java 18: Algorithms and data structures
Security and Data Privacy Audit Questionnaires
Java 13: Distributed programming and Java EE
An Introduction to Relational Database Theory
Introduction to Complex Numbers
Expert Talk: Making Online Sales
In Focus: Learning in an Agile Environment
IT Audit Execution Tools - Book 3
Pilar 1: The Metaverse
Digitalisation and Kids
Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity
Fundamentals of Media Security
Artificial Intelligence – Agents and Environments
Digital Image Processing: Part II
Effective Personal Data Practices
Ruby Data Structures and Algorithms
Technology evaluation for entrepreneurs
Managing the use of technology
IT Performance Management
C# 9: GUI programs with WPF
Business Information Systems
Introduction to Digital Signal and System Analysis
Understanding XML: A Software Development Approach
Systems Analysis and Design
Java 8: Multithreaded programs
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
Semantic Web And Ontology
3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals
Cyber Scams and You! Volume 2
Strukturerad Programmering med C++