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Mobile learning: What you need to know

mobile learning

According to our brand-new research, this is what you need to know about mobile learning. …

eLearning and onboarding: Why digital is taking over

onboarding elearning

According to our research, 25% of onboarding, employee development and soft skills training will be taken over by eLearning this year. …

The 6 ingredients of great eLearning, according to 300 L&D professionals


A question Bookboon Learning gets quite a lot is, ‘What makes great eLearning?’ While we’ve got a few ideas of our own, we reached out to 300 L&D professionals earlier this year to find out how they define great digital learning and what they look for in a learning provider. This is what they told us. …

5 reasons eLearning is here to stay


As a relatively new concept compared to traditional learning methods, in the grand scheme of things, eLearning is sometimes looked at as a fad or trend, but this fast-growing, ultra-efficient learning method is here to stay. Here are five reasons why.  …

New research highlights usability as the key to a proactive learning culture

eLearning trends

According to brand new research by Bookboon Learning, the secret to proactive, self-directed learning is in a training platform that prioritises usability. …

Why audio is an essential part of your blended learning strategy

audio learning

While eBooks and other learning materials remain important resources, it is essential that L&D professionals recognise the growing desire for audio learning and how it pairs with or enhances existing learning materials. Let’s look at 4 of the benefits of adding audio to your blended learning strategy. …

7 reasons your employees aren’t learning

employees not learning

Let’s look at the top 7 reasons your learners might not be reaching their full potential. …

How eLearning can help define your success criteria

success criteria

Here are 7 ways to define what a successful launch looks like and how to measure the impact of learning in your organisation. …