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With over 75 million downloads of our textbooks and business e-books every year, Bookboon is the largest publisher of e-books in the world. But what does this mean?

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What we do

We work with industry-leading experts and academics to create high-quality textbooks and business e-books.


Bookboon’s free textbooks for students

All our textbooks for students – and there are over a thousand – are completely free and can easily be downloaded in PDF format. They are all written exclusively for Bookboon by professors from the world’s top universities.

We believe students should be able to go to university at a minimum cost and this is our contribution to that.

We finance our textbooks with a small number of high-quality, employer branding advertisements. In other words, students’ future employers are paying for their textbooks. With a 15% advertising limit per book we ensure that the ads do not interfere with the academic quality and experience of our books.


Bookboon’s business e-books

The second arm of our publishing house focuses on business e-books for soft skills and personal development, ranging from improving your communications skills over learning to work with MS Office to realising your leadership potential, and much more.

We aim to keep these hands-on guides under 50 pages. This way professionals can implement tomorrow what they’ve learned today, creating a more efficient and effective workplace.

You can buy any of our 1,200+ business e-books (600+ in English and 500+ across other languages) separately or get access to the entire collection through our Premium subscription.


Bookboon eLibrary for businesses

For businesses we offer a range of exciting services to make the most out of our high-quality business e-books.

Firstly, we offer businesses the chance to give employees access to their own eLibrary with hundreds of bite-sized e-books offering learning opportunities at the point of need. The ease-of-use of our platform and the quality of our e-books are only a few of the reasons why we have one of the highest usage rates in the digital learning sector.

A recent study from Boston College, Harvard University and the University of Michigan found that soft skills training boosts productivity with 12%, staff retention during training programmes with 10% and delivers a 250% return on investment.*

So whether it’s to save costs, create a proactive digital learning culture or drive engagement for an existing LMS, more and more businesses are looking at practical e-books as the perfect addition to their learning mix. The fact it only takes a few minutes to integrate with your existing LMS, intranet or portal makes our eLibrary an L&D manager’s dream.

Secondly, businesses can use a part of our collection to drive lead generation on their external website, offering quality content in return for contact details. Creating a customer or talent pipeline has never been easier.

And lastly, businesses looking to increase their brand awareness as an employer can use the advertising space within our textbooks to reach exactly the right audience.


What we stand for

We have five guiding principles. Everything we do has to be:

  • Incredibly easy to use
    Start reading in less than three clicks.
  • Only the highest quality
    As a publisher we are in control of the process from vetting the authors to comprehensive peer reviews.
  • Widely used
    With over 75 million downloads a year and 40% usage for our business eLibrary, we have some of the highest usage rates in the digital learning industry.
  • Bite-sized and hands-on
    We aim to keep our business e-books under 50 pages. This way employees can implement learnings at the point of need.
  • Easy to implement
    It takes just minutes to integrate our solutions into your company’s existing systems.


Who we are

Bookboon was established as a family business in Denmark in 1988 under the name of Ventus. Originally focusing on a more traditional approach of publishing student textbooks, Bookboon made a big leap in 2005 becoming the world’s first online book publisher to provide free textbooks for students, and later adding business e-book solutions to its arsenal.

Led by Kristian and Thomas Buus Madsen, Bookboon is headquartered in the UK and Denmark with offices in Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and the USA.

Bookboon’s textbooks and business e-books are available in English, German, Dutch, Danish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish and Czech.


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