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New research highlights usability as the key to a proactive learning culture

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A Proactive learning culture is, for many L&D professionals, the ultimate goal. Fortunately, as it turns out, achieving this objective is simpler than we once may have thought.  

According to brand new research by Bookboon Learning, the secret to proactive, self-directed learning is in a training platform that prioritises usability. While this isn’t surprising per se, fewer than 13% of L&D professionals believe their employees currently have access to the right tools to promote self-education.

 Let’s look at the top 5 factors that contribute to a positive user experience and a proactive learning culture.  

The research

Bookboon Learning has conducted an extensive quantitative and qualitative survey about the present and future of the L&D landscape. 300 learning professionals were surveyed covering a wide spectrum of roles, including senior L&D and HR managers, and independent training professionals.                                                                          

Learning on-the-go        

According to our research, a third of all learning takes place outside of working hours. So, unsurprisingly, over 50% of L&D professionals believe that for a learning platform to be as user-friendly and engaging as possible, employees must be able to access learning content both offline and on-the-go. Choosing a learning solution that provides users with unlimited access to mobile-friendly, downloadable content allows L&D managers to take advantage of a significant amount of potential learning that would otherwise be missed.

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Regularly updated content        

Similarly to how modern learners use entertainment and streaming platforms, they disengage with a learning platform if the content becomes stale and dated. This is why nearly every single L&D manager surveyed by Bookboon Learning believes it is crucial that a learning platform regularly adds and updates content to ensure learners have access to the most accurate and up-to-date material. Our research tells us that learners are hungry for continuous access to new and engaging information. The training platforms that provide this will come out on top over the next year. 

Learn today, apply tomorrow    

According to our research, when it comes to proactive learning, size matters. Small sizes, that is. L&D professionals recognise that learners have only a finite amount of time per day to dedicate to learning which is why 63% say it is important that an employee can complete learning content within just a few hours. This year, bite-sized, concise, engaging, and practical learning content will be essential to creating self-directed learners.                                                                 

Tracking and analytics  

One of the most effective ways to promote continuous learning is by giving users more of what they want. One way to achieve this is by using data-based analytical tools that identify the topics users are engaging with and subsequently recommend new content. 90% of L&D managers say that in order to give learners access to the most relevant content, it is important that learning platforms come with tracking tools like these.                                                              

Anonymous learning     

Although L&D professionals believe tracking and analytical tools are important, one in four also believes that employees should have the right to access learning content anonymously. The fear of appearing underqualified or receiving repercussions from management may cause some employees to shy away from seeking out certain learning opportunities, something that is detrimental to proactive learning. It is essential for L&D professionals to look to a platform that gives employees the option to access learning materials anonymously so as not to limit their growth and development.

Usability and the prioritisation of learners’ experience will need to be a big focus for L&D professionals in 2020.

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