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Training and Development trends: How 2020 will change L&D

L&D 2020

One of the more exciting elements of the L&D industry is that it is always changing, growing, learning and improving. So, it makes sense that Learning & Development professionals are on a constant search for the latest trends, the newest information and the most important opportunities for change. We asked 300 L&D professionals how they expect the industry to change over the next year. This is what they told us.


According to L&D professionals we spoke, 2020 will be a big year for digitalisation. eLearning and digital platforms will boom this year as learning moves further and further online.

Artificial Intelligence

This year artificial intelligence will cement itself as a crucial element of effective training. L&D managers predict that organisations will increase the use of AI and data-driven analytical tools to accurately identify learners’ needs and suggest further learning opportunities that may be of interest to them.

More changes to the L&D industry

These are two of the many changes L&D professionals predict will impact the talent development industry this year. Download your free copy of our brand-new research below to find out what else 300 L&D professionals believe will change our industry forever.

What you will learn in the report

  • The biggest changes 2020 will bring to L&D
  • The top challenges L&D professionals will face this year
  • The most important soft skills and learning topics for 2020
  • And much, much more!
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L&D Report: The 2020 Hot Topics

Learn about the trends and changes 2020 will bring to the L&D industry with a free download of our brand new research.

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