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The psychology of pricing: 4 methods to sell more

The expression, “Psychological Pricing”, is sometimes described as “strategic”. In fact, it is simply the tactical use of researched findings to maximise buyer acceptance of price while minimising psychological resistance. In other words, presenting the price in the most acceptable way as possible. Check out our 4 pricing tips that have been psychologically proven to sell more.


3 key principles for success

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise and stand out to be successful. Whether that is through building your own venture or having a more corporate career, the end game is to achieve what you define as your success. Here are three key steps to success.


How to get over your fear of public speaking

presentation skills

With this surprisingly simple two-step technique, you can end your fear and feel good in front of your audience. In my training workshops, I’ve seen the technique work for hundreds of people. Their delight – and relief – is wonderful to see. Here’s the summary:

  1. Shift your emotional focus from yourself to the audience. 
  2. Make it obvious that you want them to get your message.

Change management: Why your personal development plan should focus on this important business skill

change management

The world we live in today is in a constant state of change. So much so that much of the technology powering the products and services we rely on today will likely be obsolete in only a few years’ time. Although change leads to innovation, when today’s consistent shifting bleeds into the workplace, it can cause some stress and discomfort for an organisation’s employees. While technology faces change by adapting and upgrading, for today’s workers, the key to staying afloat in the ever-changing modern workplace is to take the same approach by improving and developing the soft skills associated with managing change. This means that it is paramount that L&D professionals include these important skills in the personal development plans of their employees and managers.  


How to train the perfect boss

perfect boss

Is there a secret formula to the perfect boss? Judging by the way managers are promoted or hired, one might assume that technical skills play a major factor in determining whether a leader is successful or not. However, when Google decided to turn to its expert statisticians to determine what a great leader looks like, it turned out that many organisations have been looking at leadership all wrong. After gathering and analyzing over 10, 000 manager observations, the company came to a conclusion that was surprising even to its former senior vice president of people operations, Lazlo Bock. Upon analyzing what makes a truly great leader, technical skills came dead last.  


Workplace wellness: 5 ways to feel happier at work

Did you know it is actually possible to be happy in your job? No, seriously! In fact, according to a 2017 survey, 64 percent of UK workers either like or love their job. And it turns out the majority of people value happiness over pay with 64 percent also saying they’d rather have a poorly-paid job they love rather than a well-paid job they hate. The good news is, not only is happiness at work important, but it’s also achievable. Here are 5 practices you can implement today to start feeling happier at work.


Self-advocacy: How to get what you want in the workplace


Is there something you feel you deserve at work but don’t know how to ask for? Perhaps it’s a raise you feel you are due or a promotion to a more senior position or perhaps it’s simply to have your ideas heard. Regardless, achieving what you want in the workplace comes down to a few factors but one of the most important is your own self-advocacy.


Become a great place to work through L&D

great place to work

What comes to mind when you think of a great place to work? For many employees, a great workplace depends on the company’s culture, the people they work with and their opportunities for growth within the organisation. Providing your employees with a culture that fosters productivity, communication, collaboration and development within and outside of their roles can all be achieved by adding L&D to your people strategy. Here are 6 reasons that investing in L&D will impact every area of a business and make your company a great place to work.  


The 6 myths hiding the true value of L&D

L&D myths

Whether we have heard them from management or uttered them ourselves, there are many common phrases floating around the world of Learning & Development that are simply untrue. Because learning is too often seen as something that is ‘nice-to-have’ rather than an essential factor in a modern business, as an L&D manager, it can be difficult to encourage decision-makers to invest in the growth and development of an organisation’s employees but by debunking these myths, learning professionals can present the true value of L&D.  


Sales skills: 5 ways to close the sale

Closing the sale. It’s the most integral and most difficult part of the sales process. There are a few natural salespeople in the world who seem to have inherited a god-given gift that enables them to close sales with ease, and never seem to struggle with their targets. For the rest of us, securing a deal requires more work. Here are 5 ways to close a sale.