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The 7 most essential soft skills for techies

There has long been a misconception surrounding the skills of those in tech roles. When depicted in entertainment they are shown as nerdy, brainiacs with little to no social skills. While it may be humorous on-screen, this incorrect depiction of employees in technical roles has caused real-life consequences for those working them. The idea that people in tech do not possess or need soft skills is not only present in the education systems that lack soft skills curriculums but in those in charge of hiring for companies as well.   


7 Tips to offer employees actionable learning

The purpose of Learning and Development is to provide employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and develop current skills in order to apply them to both their workplace and their lives. That last point may be the most important. It is all well and good to train employees, but if they cannot actively apply new skills to their workplace, the efforts of L&D professionals will be in vain.


Signs of a toxic relationship with a boss

Most professionals have worked under good bosses, bad bosses and everything in between. However, there are a few habits that form between some leaders and their employees that can be unhealthy and unfair. Here are 5 signs you’re in a toxic relationship with your boss.


Soft skills in sport: 6 soft skills every sportsperson needs

From the dramatic Cricket World Cup final to the epic wrapping up of Wimbledon, the UK has just come out of a weekend jam-packed with sports highlights. Winning a sports trophy, something that many of us have dreamed of since we were small, takes a great deal of raw physical talent. However, becoming a legendary sportsperson requires another set of skills that the rest of us can use in our everyday lives. Here are the 6 soft skills that every sportsperson needs and how everyone can learn from them. 


GDPR: 6 Tips for managers

So, you’re a little confused about GDPR? Have no fear, many managers are. As with most laws, the ins and outs of The General Data Protection Regulation are less than straight-forward. However, as a manager or business owner, it is important that you have a good understanding of what GDPR means for you, your business, your employees and your clients. That’s why we’ve got GDPR 6 tips for managers.


What can we do to stop plastic pollution at work?

Did you know that 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every single year? As massive as that number may be, it is actually possible to tackle our effect on the planet by making small changes to our lifestyles every day and what better place to start than our offices? Here are 5 small changes to reduce plastic pollution in your office.


4 Reasons businesses should prioritise developing soft skills as much as developing technology

Over the last two decades, companies have seen incredible development in technology across all sectors. Tech has made it possible to expand globally, build state-of-the-art websites and promote our brands to the digital world. But this wave of tech has caused companies to forget who is behind the screens of all this innovation: people. Companies have moved too far towards being data-centric and away from a human focus and it will be detrimental for our future. 


How not to be replaced by a robot

‘The Robot Revolution’, ‘Computerisation’ or ‘Automation’; whatever you prefer to call it, technology isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but our jobs just might be.


Effective meetings for managers: 6 ways to run a great meeting

How to run an effective meetingYou know the old saying: The ideal meeting is two, with one absent. Many top leaders believe that meetings are simply a waste of time but the truth is that only badly conducted meetings are a time-killer. Badly conducted meetings have no clear objectives or agenda, do not generate new ideas and are not lead effectively. Unfortunately, this likely sounds familiar to most modern workers and managers but it does not need to be. A good meeting can be informative, useful and even fun. They can prompt ideas, inspire decisions and drive progress and implementation. Meetings are an invaluable part of the communications that drive business and create success but in order to be effective, they need some preparation and some rules. Here are 6 ways to run a successful meeting.  (more…)

Motivation for managers: How to impact motivation with workplace environment

motivation for managersMany factors can impact and influence even the most motivated of employees but there is one crucial component to a motivated worker and that is their workplace environment. The physical space as well as how an employee feels about that space can play a huge role in whether or not they feel motivated and productive.


Here are a few ways managers can ensure they are providing employees with a workplace environment that fosters motivation and increases productivity. (more…)