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Which learning topics will be the crucial in 2020?

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As the L&D industry continues to shift and grow at such a high speed, keeping up to date with the latest learning trends is an important part of the job of the modern L&D professional. We spoke to 300 learning and HR professionals to find out which learning topics they believe stand out as essential to L&D in 2020. This is what they told us. 


As organisations make the effort to diversify the workplace in 2020, the market for skills associated with diversity is predicted to surge. Learning materials on topics associated with diversity such as communication, active listening, teamwork, and managing differences will become more important than ever before. 

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Change Management 

The ability to manage the constant changing of requirements, systems, processes, roles and expectations is an essential skill in the modern workplace. The L&D managers we spoke to foresee change management becoming an absolutely crucial topic to be included in any learning programme. 

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Being a leader is no easy task. According to our research, nearly 50% of L&D managers report a lack of leadership skills within their organisation. This year, L&D professionals and learners alike want more training content with a focus on what makes a great leader.  

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Stress Management 

36% of L&D professionals are concerned that employees are lacking stress management skills. Training materials on topics associated with managing stress such as organisation, planning, goal-setting and achieving a work-life balance will be highly sought after in 2020.  

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Customer service 

According to 92% of L&D professionals, a company’s learning solution is the key to satisfied customers. Customer service skills such as communication, problem-solving, sales and negotiation will be essential elements of any learning platform this year.  

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The latest L&D research 

Earlier this year, Bookboon Learning conducted extensive quantitative and qualitative research about the present and future of the L&D landscape. We spoke to 300 L&D professionals about learning topics and skills that will define 2020. Download a free copy of our research below. 

What you’ll learn in the report 

  • The learning topics employees are requesting more of 
  • The skills modern employees are lacking most 
  • The crucial learning materials employees are uncomfortable to ask for  
  • And much, much more!  
Bookboon Learning's L&D Report: The 2020 Hot Topics

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