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Stein Erik Egeberg
  • Country: Norway
  • Number of Titles: 16
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Stein Erik Egeberg, Norwegian engineer and business economist. Experienced mentor, coach, consultant and author with successful clients for over 30 years. Has delivered innovative and educational courses, workshops, seminars and trainings for a large number of companies. As a mentor and coach, Stein has had the pleasure of assisting individuals in achieving their personal and career goals. His wide knowledge, ability to create results and capacity to simplify complicated subjects make his services, books and podcasts effective and highly valued. Stein’s work covers key business areas such as communication, teamwork, personality profiles, sales, customer service, recruitment and leadership. His numerous books provide new insight, valuable tools and effective methods in sales, management, recruitment and goal achievement. Stein has built the Norwegian School of Sales and the unique recruitment tool which for the first time allows the recruiter to see the applicants' personality profile upon receipt of the applications and automatically rank applicants based on the most important qualifications for the position. The personality profiling part of is used in highly effective sales training and teambuilding processes. See more about Stein on LinkedIn. You are welcome to learn more about the services at, and
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