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Your Impact and Your Self Care

Becoming You - Helping You Live the Life You Desire

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You will find the inspiration and insight to make the life and career changes you desire in this series. This book helps you make a stronger impact and gain acceptance for prioritizing yourself.
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The series provides the inspiration and insight you need to make the life and career changes you desire. This third book gives you the key to success in daily life and any career or business. You learn how people make decisions and your impact will grow. You get the “code” to free your me-time and have an acceptance for prioritizing yourself higher. Presenting real-life situations representing common challenges you will see how people managed to make significant changes. Performing the specific tasks guides you on and brings added confidence and encouragement on the journey towards your goal.

About the Author

Author and coach Stein Erik Egeberg (1956, Norway) is an engineer and business economist with extensive experience from decades of life, career and corporate coaching. He has produced a number of books, educational material, tools and tutorials.

His key areas include personal development, communication, personality profiles, decision psychology, sales, management and recruitment.

Egeberg’s significant coaching quality is his remarkable ability to motivate and create results based on a breadth of knowledge and a strong capacity to simplify and convey challenging subjects.

  • The Becoming You Series
  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Improve Your Decisions and Impact
    1. The Story of Rose
    2. The Two Forces Battling for Your Decisions
    3. The Emotional Force – Only Yours
    4. The Rational force – Beyond Your Impact
    5. Personal Learning – The Hard Way
    6. The Decisive Personal Value
    7. Your Individual Frame of Reference Impacts Your Life
    8. The Magic of Questions
    9. Tasks – Improve Your Decisions and Impact
    10. 1. Observe Unfortunate Communications
    11. 2. Establish Constructive Conversation
    12. 3. Achieve Desired Impact
  • The Importance of You
    1. The Story of Angie
    2. Your Love and Affection – For You
    3. Your Three Steps to Deserved Self Care
    4. Tasks – The Importance of You
    5. 1. Review Your Present Situation
    6. 2. Define Your Investment of Time for Tasks That are Initiated by Others
    7. 3. Clarify Expectations
    8. 4. Use the “Thoughts-Action-Learning” Plan
    • Conclusion
    About the Author

    Stein Erik Egeberg