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Your Goal and Your Personality

Becoming You - Helping You Live The Life You Desire

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You will find the inspiration and insight to make the life and career changes you desire in this series. This book gives you a unique tool to reach your goal and uncovers the mystery of chemistry.
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The series provides the inspiration and insight you need to make the life and career changes you desire. In this second book you learn how to transfer your dream into an effective goal and see obstacles as steppingstones. You will better understand the characteristics of different personalities enabling productive collaboration in all arenas. Presenting real life situations representing common challenges, you will see how people managed to make significant changes. Performing the specific tasks guides you on and brings added confidence and encouragement on the journey towards your goal.

About the Author

Stein Erik Egeberg, Norwegian engineer and business economist. Experienced mentor, trainer, consultant and author with successful clients for 30+ years. Educational courses, workshops, seminars and coaching. Covers key areas such as communication, teamwork, personality profiles, sales, customer service, recruitment and management. See LinkedIn. You are welcome to and
  • The Becoming You Series
  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Reach Your Goal
    1. The Story of Edith, Rob, and Friends
    2. The Power of Visualization
    3. A Dream is Not a Goal
    4. Defining Your Goal
    5. Your Decisive Tool - MyGoal
    6. The Important Learning
    7. Tasks - Reach Your Goal
    8. 1. Set a personal goal and achieve it!
    9. 2. Set a goal regarding job, career, or business, and achieve it!
    10. 3. List 20 goals for things you want in your life
  • Know Your Personality
    1. The story of Joe
    2. Your “Chemistry” with Others
    3. Characteristics of People You Know
    4. Build-up of the Personality Profile Chart
    5. The Typical Characteristics of the Four Basic Personality Profiles
    6. Positive Communication; This is Your Daily Challenge
    7. Tasks – Know your personality
    8. 1. Your characteristics
    9. 2. Characteristics of “positive chemistry”
    10. 3. Characteristics of “poor chemistry”
    11. 4. Similarities between your characteristics and the characteristics of others
    12. 5. Other people’s opinion of you
    • Conclusion

    Learn to transform personal dreams into actionable goals using the MyGoal tool Identify and embrace your personal characteristics for self-awareness and better communication Seek and value feedback from others to understand how your personality is viewed Practice positive communication and respond constructively to various personality types

    About the Author

    Stein Erik Egeberg