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Excel: Printing With Headings and Titles

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excel and printing with headings and titles

Don’t miss these essential tips about Excel. …

8 Easy Steps on Tracking Changes in PowerPoint 2013

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powerpoint 2013 tracking changes

In using Microsoft Word, tracking changes is so easy. You will just have to click the Review Ribbon, and look for the “Track Changes” option. There, you can choose between tracking the changes or lock the tracking – an option to discourage others to turn off tracking changes using a password. In short, the system really has the specific functionality to make the tracking possible….

How to present a PowerPoint presentation online

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Find out how to present your presentation online with PowerPoint 2013 and use your new skills for your next presentation. It’s easy! Read our step-by-step guide here at….

How to control your nerves during presenting

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Are you nervous about giving your next presentation? Follow Bookboon author Patrick Forsyth’s tips in this blog to learn how to be more confident when presenting….

4 steps to preparing a presentation

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Your boss has asked you to prepare a presentation. Don’t panic, read 4 steps to preparing a presentation with tips from “How to prepare a presentation”….

How to use PowerPoint AND engage your audience

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Did you know that PowerPoint can actually make your presentation worse? Take a look at these tips….

How to compel your audience to listen to your every word

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Want to convince and please your audience? Check out this article….

Wie man mit Leidenschaft präsentiert

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Das Publikum bevorzugt leidenschaftliche Präsentationen und wenn der Vortragende schon kein Interesse an der Thematik zeigt, warum sollten wir?…