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Tag: Presentation

How to Present With Passion

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Audiences like presenters to speak with passion. After all, if the presenter doesn’t care about their topic, why should we?…

How to win business with a great presentation

Posted in Articles

Whatever you sell, you need to be able to make a persuasive case for your product or service. This article explains how….

How you avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ and engage your audience

Posted in Articles

Find out how to engage your audience and avoid common PowerPoint mistakes. Become less PowerPoint and more presenter….

Why great presentations need humour and stories

Posted in Articles

There are two great tools you can use to make your presentation memorable: Using humour and storytelling. Take a look at how to use them effectively….

How to start and finish your presentation with a bang

Posted in Articles

This article provides you with expert tips on how to start and finish your presentation. Brush up on your presentation skills….

The ultimate method on how to handle questions from your audience

Posted in Articles3 Comments

What is most effective way of handling questions and interjections from your audience during a presentation? We know the answer… Interested? Just read this article!…

Killer language, verbal craft and magic moves for your next presentation

Posted in Articles1 Comment

Learn how to engage with your audience by using the right language during your next presentation. We have killer language tips for you! …

6 rock solid preparation tips for a successful presentation

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This article presents you absolutely need to check before your next presentation – microphone, clothes, sound system, etc. Don’t miss this!…