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Author: patrickforsyth

Jobs for over 50s: 10 steps to being “career fit”

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One thing is clear: being fiftyish is not a time to slow up on career planning, rather it is a time to give it a specific focus. Given that you work, and are likely to go on working, in a dynamic environment….

The workplace: It’s a jungle

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Patrick Forsyth looks at the necessity to recognise how office politics affects individual performance and careers….

Disaster proof your career

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In changing times and in a competitive workplace you need to be what we might call “career fit” now and in the future. Read the article by Patrick Forsyth….

How to control your nerves during presenting

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Are you nervous about giving your next presentation? Follow Bookboon author Patrick Forsyth’s tips in this blog to learn how to be more confident when presenting….

How your career management can take you onwards and upwards

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In today’s work environment, with no rigid, preordained career ladder to follow, careers need planning: but how?…

How to win business with a great presentation

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Whatever you sell, you need to be able to make a persuasive case for your product or service. This article explains how….