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4 free textbooks for economics and finance students

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Our textbook authors have been busy publishing new free textbooks for university students. This week we welcomed many new books for economics and finance students to our collection. Below you can find 4 selected titles. Check them out or visit our website for further free student textbooks.

Share these books with your friends and good luck with your studies!

Banking: An Introduction

This book presents an introduction to private sector banking (as opposed to central banking). Banks act as intermediaries between all four sectors of the economy and all other financial intermediaries. They are also at the very centre of the money market, the market for short-term debt and deposits, marketable and non-marketable, and the interbank markets. Download this book and learn more about banks as the centre of the financial system. 

Money Creation: An Introduction

One of the great mysteries and elegant features of the financial system in general, and of the banking sector in particular, is the creation of new money. The largest component of the money stock, bank deposits, is created by accounting entries. This book is suitable for everyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of ‘Money Creation’. Take a look inside!

Financial System: An Introduction

This book serves as an introduction to the financial system. The financial system has six elements: lenders & borrowers, financial intermediaries, financial instruments, financial markets, money creation and price discovery. It describes the non-financial surplus and deficit economic units (ie lenders and borrowers), and direct (between ultimate lenders and borrowers) and indirect (via the diverse financial intermediaries) financing. Download this textbook and brush up on your finance knowledge.

Bond Market: An Introduction

This textbook serves as introduction to the topic of bond markets. The debt market is usually categorised into the short-term debt market (STDM) and long-term debt market (LTDM), and includes marketable and non-marketable debt. The money market is comprised of the STDM and the deposit market (which is overwhelmingly of short duration). The bond market is the marketable arm of the LTDM. You can read more by downloading this free textbook.