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A Wet Look at Climate Change: Discover the Hidden World of Moisture


My previous blog articles for Bookboon so far have been mainly inspired by freaky weather. I have not really talked about “moisture”, the driving force behind these events. In this article for the Bookboon blog, I explain the link between my eBook A Wet Look At Climate Change (AWLACC), moisture and the various moisture-related topics I have written about since publishing AWLACC.  (more..)

Why did it rain so much in July: A wet look at climate change

Download “A Wet Look At Climate Change” here!

Here we go again, another wet July in Ireland. I remarked on a wet July in 2009 when I wrote A Wet Look At Climate Change (AWLACC) and then again in an update during 2012. Readers of AWLACC will know of my “water butt” saga and the serious miscalculation that had water overflowing all over the place! So after attempts at attaching overflows and running hose pipe to take away excess water, this year we upscaled. (more..)

Floods in the British Isles: Peter Moir on the reasons for this “freaky” weather

This article is written by Peter Moir, the author of the free eBook “A Wet Look At Climate Change”

Are you living in the British Isles? Even if not you must have heard about the severe floods we are currently suffering. In this article expert and author Peter Moir explains where all this water is coming from. (more..)

Discover the fascinating world of science – with Dr. Peter Moir

This article is written by Peter Moir, author of the free eBook “A Wet Look At Climate Change”

What is Science? For Peter Moir, Director at Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd it is a way of looking at things. Not facts or equations or something difficult, but an “approach” or a “tool” to gain an understanding in order to explore the unknown.

”By unknown, I don’t mean things unknown to Humankind, but just things that I personally do not know about and would like to know about because to me they are interesting or curious or fascinating.

The approach I took in writing “A Wet Look At Climate Change (AWLACC)” available as a free download from, was to give my readers in the first three chapters some “tools” to use for investigating the way water in the atmosphere behaves and how it interacts with the things with which it comes into contact. Which is everything around us. (more..)

What mold in showers and fungi in gardens have in common – By Peter Moir

This article is written by the author of the free eBook This article is written by the author of the free eBook “A Wet Look At Climate Change”

Life on Earth needs water and, with water, comes moisture and, with moisture, come consequences:  this is the basis of Ireland based author Peter Moir’s textbook “A Wet Look At Climate Change” (AWLACG). Get to know him by reading this expert article on moisture.

Since my last blog article was published, the weather has shown the odd sign of pretending that summer might be just a day away. Spring, as a transition in the seasons, was non-existent because of a spell of cold fronts descending from the North.

In AWLACG I explain the effect of cold air on humidity and the impact on the amount of moisture in the air due to the property known as relative humidity (%RH). As the temperature drops, humidity and moisture increases and so, for long periods over the first four months of this year, high relative humidity was around on most days. (more..)

Exclusive insights into flooding and moisture – An article by Peter Moir

This article is written by the author of the free textbook This article is written by the author of the free textbook “A wet look at climate change”

My inspiration for writing “A Wet Look At Climate Change” (AWLACG), which can be downloaded for free on, came from looking around and seeing the world as a big ball of moisture.

When I was asked about a blog, I thought why not talk about what I do and tell you how I see things as we go through the year and the climate changes with the seasons or for other reasons. In this article, I would like to talk about the problem with water from all angles.

The reasons for flooding

I don’t think you will have missed the news about flooding in this part of Europe and that some people were unfortunate enough to be in certain repeatedly flooded areas.

Apart from stating the obvious that there’s been too much rain, you may have heard things like, “too much rain in the wrong place” or “too high a water table”. What is it about the “wrong place” or this mysterious “water table” that you can’t see? (more..)