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12 Ways to Ruin Your Presentation: Part 1

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Nowadays, technological advancement can be clearly seen in all aspects of life. In most cases, in spite some negative impacts, it truly made our lives easier. From our own homes to our workplaces, progress is really noticeable. Technology also helped improve the way we present our ideas, thoughts and concepts. We are now able to transmit and relay information in just a few clicks. Through the use of different presentation programs and software, we are able to creatively communicate the things we want or need to convey. 

Please note

This series of articles is not about the how-to’s of making a successful presentation. This will not discuss the tips and tricks in making lively, impressive and technically refined ones. This will show you how fine the line is between successful and failed presentations based on the eBook, 12 Ways to Ruin your Presentation by Rudolf Strutz.


Part I: First 4 Ways to Ruin your Presentation

  1. Preparation

There are two types of approaches in preparing for presentations:

  • Freethinkers

Those who do not prepare, steps in front of the audience and begins to talk a mile in a minute. They may forget some of their points during the talk. The audience may not follow all their ideas, as well. Usually, they talk about the things they are interested in, sometimes not considering the interests of the audience.

  • Readers

Those who leave nothing to chance, prepare and think well and often come with notes. They are much more precise, yet chaotic. Risky especially when their notes are misplaced somewhere.

  1. Technology

Yes, technology has made almost everything easier, including presentations. However, there are still instances that these technologies won’t work out right! Presentations that cannot be projected because of the wrong format or resolution, file that cannot be read on other computers, cords that do not fit your own computer or simply the forgotten charger – all of these simple things can ruin your presentations easily.

  1. Last Second

“Just this one thing” are usually the last words before disaster kicks in. Making some changes during the last minute may work, but not always. You can never blame a computer for your faulty operation. They are just computers, without any soul or life.

  1. Internet and Links

Creating shortcuts with external data, providing web links and integrating videos are just few of the risky moves in making presentations. Yes, they will work during the rehearsal in your own office. However, when you go out without your external data and internet, they often don’t work.

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