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Author Archives: Christine Funk

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Resolving Conflicts at Work with Employees: A Two-Step Approach


Handling negative staff behaviour and conflicts at work with employees is never easy – as most HR and line managers know. Ideally, you can prevent many instances by setting and enforcing fair and clear rules. But what do you do with occurrences that you weren’t able to keep from happening?  (more…)

New Year’s Eve Traditions around the World


Out with the old year, in with the new: New Year’s Eve is widely celebrated all over the world, with parties and social events, fireworks, dancing and festive dinners. On top of all that, every country has developed its own special traditions. Let’s have a look at how other countries celebrate the turn of the year!  (more…)

4 Steps to Boost Your Recruitment Success: Steps 3 and 4


In the first half of this twin article, we described how you can create a high-quality job profile that helps you identify top tasks and essential requirements of a given job role. Now it’s time to put this job profile to good use and initiate the actual recruitment process.  (more…)

A Christmas Message


If we look at Christmas traditions around the world, however different they may be, there are a few key elements that are universal. Christmas is all about family: it is the season of sharing, caring and giving, of love, compassion and family bonding. All of us should take this opportunity to spend time with our families and make the most of our relationships with others.  (more…)

4 Steps to Boost Your Recruitment Success: Steps 1 and 2


Are you an HR specialist responsible for finding new employees for your company? Then you know this can sometimes seem like an impossible task. After all, the quality and fit of new employees can significantly influence the long-term success of your organisation – so you want to make sure you get it right every single time.  (more…)

International Business: How Culture Influences Communication


When it comes to human interaction, it’s all about communication. Without communication, there can be no international business either. People speak and act out of their cultural backgrounds, and thus shape the global dynamic context.  (more…)

10 Curious Christmas Traditions from all over the World


More than any other time of year, Christmas means honouring traditions. However, what we find completely normal may seem very strange indeed to others. Let’s have a look at some of the most peculiar Christmas customs worldwide!  (more…)

The Solution to Poor Productivity is Here, Now!


We all know that soft skills such as empathy, teamwork and interpersonal communication help deliver tangible results for business success. However, it is also arguable that productivity is, in itself, an important soft skill. But how do you as a business get the best out of your employees? How do you encourage your employees to improve their day-to-day performance? It may be difficult to quantify something so seemingly difficult to define, but you can do it with the carrot and without resorting to the stick. Bookboon has a solution and here, we show you how!  (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 3


It’s Christmas time! That means it’s time to put up decorations and light some candles. While the roots and cause of the celebration – honouring the birth of Jesus Christ – are the same, Christmas traditions vary considerably from country to country. The most common are Anglo-American customs including Santa Claus (or Father Christmas), candy canes, Christmas cards, mistletoe and holly. Read on to find out how Christmas is celebrated in France and Denmark!  (more…)

International Business – The Basics


International business is a phenomenon which affects almost every aspect of your life, including the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the people you meet. Regardless of where you live or to what part of the world your career takes you, knowledge of international business is a vital key to success. (more…)