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Electric Drive Dimensioning and Tuning
Essential Engineering Mathematics
Control Engineering
Essential Electrodynamics
CMOS Analog IC Design: Fundamentals
Boundary Element Methods for Engineers: Part II
CMOS Integrated Circuit Simulation with LTspice
Concepts in Electric Circuits
Aviation Safety – The Basics
Essential Electromagnetism
Introduction to Power Electronics
Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers
Electric Drive Systems and Operation
Essential Electrodynamics: Solutions
PaulOS: Part II
Electronic Measurements
PaulOS F020: An RTOS for the C8051F020
Matrix Algebra for Engineers
CMOS Analog IC Design: Problems and Solutions
Advanced Topics in Electrodynamics
Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning
Electronic Measurements: Exercises and Assignments
Introduction to Electronic Engineering
Automation and Robotics
Worked Examples In Electromagnetism
Biological Signal Analysis
Essential Electromagnetism: Solutions
CMOS Analog IC Design
Boundary Element Methods for Engineers: Part I
Learn Calculus 2 on Your Mobile Device
CMOS Integrated Circuit Simulation: Solutions
The Application of Nuclear Science to Space
Electrical Power
Control Engineering Problems with Solutions
Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook
Fundamental Engineering Optimization Methods
PaulOS: Part I
An Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems
Three Phase Electrical Circuit Analysis
Nuclear Powered Generation of Electricity
Partial Differential Equations
Thermal Modelling of Electric Machines
Introduction to Vectors
Introduction to Complex Numbers
Introduction to Digital Signal and System Analysis