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Why communication skills should be part of every L&D offering

communication skills

Here are 4 reasons why the development of employees’ communication skills should be a focus for every business and why communication should be a part of every L&D offering. …

7 reasons your employees aren’t learning

employees not learning

Let’s look at the top 7 reasons your learners might not be reaching their full potential. …

How eLearning can help define your success criteria

success criteria

Here are 7 ways to define what a successful launch looks like and how to measure the impact of learning in your organisation. …

How to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your organisation


Here are 7 entrepreneurial skills companies should encourage their employees to develop. …

The 5 most important soft skills of the future

soft skills future skills

The robots may be coming for our jobs, but working humans are not doomed as long as the companies they work for recognize the skills of the future and focus on building and developing the areas AI cannot do well….

Lack of personal development is costing you talent and increases staff turnover

High staff turnover can be one of the highest cost factors of any business. On top of the growing importance of a personal development offering as an employee incentive, making sure your current employees possess the right soft skills can make all the difference. …

Why do people learn?

why do people learn

As L&D professionals, we put much of our focus in ‘How’ and ‘What’ employees learn. But this means we tend to forget one of the most important factors in the learning process: ‘Why’ people learn. We look at 6 reasons here. …

Technology’s surprising impact on soft skills

soft skills

Over 50% of L&D professionals say that because of eLearning, technology has positively impacted both soft skills and how we develop them. Let’s look at 6 ways technology positively impacts our learners’ soft skills. …